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Choose wisely while you buy any instruments for your work

If you are thinking of buying a device to ease your work and protect your applications from high pressures or vibrations, you are at the right place. Here are a few types of thermometers, thermowells, snubbers, and pressure gauges that you should know about Pressure Snubber:

What is a Remote Reading Thermometer?

The remote reading thermometer is a wireless thermometer that offers an authentic and accurate system reading when a remote temperature measurement is needed. Its temperature varies from -200°C to +800°C. They are available in various cases like rectangular or square glass fiber. Its capillary length can also vary, starting from 50 to 50.000 mm. It is attached to an electronic sensor that transmits the measurement to the inside display through a radio signal.

How does a Piston Snubber work?

piston snubber is a pressure gauge snubber with five pistons to use with a wide range of media. It contains a freely moving piston inside its body. When the pressure rises quickly, it moves the piston against the gauge opening. This helps to dampen the pulsation that the gauge witnesses. When the piston is closed, a media bypass occurs. Although the reduction of the pulse is for a few milliseconds, it is enough to prevent any damage to the pressure gauge. This type of snubber can be easily tuned by changing the piston according to the requirements.

What is a liquid-filled gauge?

Liquid filled gauge is a type of pressure gauge filled with a liquid, which may be glycerine or silicon. This improves the performance during unwanted situations. It is used for dampening the pulsations and vibrations to reduce their effect on the dial pointer of the pressure gauge.

Industrial and Bimetal Thermowells

An industrial thermowell is a cylindrical instrument that protects the temperature sensors fitted in the industrial processes. It comprises a tube that is closed at one end and mounted at the process stream. Its primary purpose is to protect any devices from flow-induced forces, chemical effects, and process fluid Pressure Snubber.

Bimetal thermowell is a type of thermowell that allows the creation of a sealed system; therefore, the thermometer can be removed from the device without draining or shutting down the system. It can be used in thermometers of residential instruments like ovens, air conditioners, and industrial devices like hot wires, heaters, refineries, etc. It is cost-effective, durable, and easy to use.

To conclude

So, before you buy anything, know about it, how it works, and for what purpose it has been made. Then, choose wisely from the wide variety of available devices in the market!

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