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Data encryption: understand the importance for your business

Data encryption security is critical, especially in a context where information is one of the most valuable assets of organizations. Think about the assets you have today (such as vehicles, devices, machinery, among others): you protect them to avoid problems, don’t you?

This issue also applies to data. And there are several ways to protect them these days. Remember that this point is important, as the sophistication and complexity of cybercrimes increases considerably over time (let’s take the example of ransom ware).

Data encryption is one of the main ways to protect business information. Learn more about its importance and clear your doubts.

 Information confidentiality

This is the first and one of the most important points about the use of cryptography for companies, is to guarantee the secrecy of information on a daily basis. With the growing importance of information for organizations, there is a greater interest in obtaining it in a criminal way.

For example, credit card data can be used for financial fraud and thus generate undue benefits for hackers through scams. Thus, these more sensitive data are more protected on a daily basis, avoiding complications.

Industrial secret protection

Many companies work, to some extent, with internal secrets to act strategically. Thus, this is also highly targeted by cyber criminals for industrial espionage strategies and hence this information is constantly under possibility of attack.

Therefore, data encryption allows only the professionals involved to have the access key and, thus, to be able to monitor the information. Without this, you can open a loophole for other people to find this data and sell it to your competitors. This can occur in any department such as design, production or sales.

Data integrity guarantee

Another relevant point is to prevent one of the important pillars of information security from being harmed: that of data integrity. If during an interception by cybercriminals there is easy access to information, it is possible that he can change what is contained there and have undue advantages.

However, if this data is being transmitted through data encryption, when it encounters this data, it cannot see what is contained there. With this, it is possible to ensure the integrity of the data until it reaches the recipient.

Compliance with Personal Data Protection Law

Another important point is compliance with the Data Protection Law. This law guarantees protection and privacy for user data, so problems that put this information in check (for example, information leakage through cybercrimes) can generate sanctions for your business.

That’s because according to the law, if it is proven that some type of negligence has occurred on the part of your business, this can represent a breach of current legislation and generate fines. Thus, the importance of bringing compliance issues to your business is evident.

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