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Acrylic sneeze guards, Melbourne

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For check-out areas, greeting areas, salad & food bars, and Acrylic sneeze guards, Melbourne provides a complete sneeze screen solution from start to finish. Reduce the spread of germs in the air with the safety screens, which safeguard employees and customers. A worldwide craze has developed around these acrylic safety enclosures, making them a must-have item for enterprises.

The Vacuum forming polycarbonate safety screens are available in various configurations, from slanted fronts to the ceiling or wall-mounted devices. They’re also available in several finishes, from ultra-modern to ultra-elegant. They can help you get the necessary acrylic safety enclosures, no matter what you decide.

Customizable Counter Sneeze Screens for Tables, Counters, or Reception Areas

The best way to keep germs out of the office and public spaces is with the bespoke acrylic sneeze guards. It is simple to set up these Acrylic Sheets cut to size on a counter, table, or reception area, allowing staff to work quietly, knowing they are protected from airborne bacteria and other pathogens. Additionally, it aids in the prevention of foodborne illness at cafés and restaurants.

Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for various settings, including G.P.s’ offices, reception rooms, banks, cafes, & pharmacies. You won’t see any fogging or discoloration on the cover, which is crafted of sturdy Acrylic. These Sneeze guards are also simple to set up and take down without causing any damage to the surfaces they’re placed on. A larger barrier can be created by placing additional sneeze screens side by side, or you can have it custom-made by their experts.

About The Company

A.C. Acrylic has been a pioneer in the local industry in molding and fabricating thermoplastic Acrylic sheets.

Several parts for these industries are also supplied to the building & sign industries. Skylights manufactured by A.C. Acrylic include the Tilelite & Tilevent range of acrylic roof tiles.

Castform Patterns & Plastics has just become a part of the A.C. Acrylic Group, bringing their expertise in pattern creation, the ability to vacuum form polycarbonate, and most other thermoformable materials.


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