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House or apartment: which is the best option?

When we think about realizing a dream, such as acquiring a property of our own, there is often more than one way to achieve it. While having options is always interesting, they can leave us confused, not knowing which way to go. In this context, one of the most recurrent doubts is related to the choice between house or apartment.

As such a decision tends to affect the life of a person and their loved ones in a profound way, it cannot be taken without due consideration. Taking this fact into account, we thought it best to develop this content indicating important points about the main types of properties.

Read on and find out what to look for before choosing between a house or an apartment!


Although an apartment may have leisure areas, such as a roof, gym, swimming pool and event hall, most of these spaces need to be shared with the other residents of the building. Often to make use of places, such as the ballroom, the resident even needs to book in advance.

In a house, however, the space is usually much larger, so that the resident can have areas such as gardens, barbecue and swimming pool, without any obligation to share the space with their neighbors. Furthermore, he can enjoy such areas whenever he wants, without any kind of scheduling.


As a rule, the construction of residential buildings tends to be done close to urban centers, or in places that guarantee quick access to them, so that their residents have easy access to shops and leisure areas , such as cinemas and the alters.

Subdivisions and housing condominiums, however, are often built in locations further away from the center, which tends to make the journey taken by residents to reach shops and leisure areas longer. A situation that can bring some inconvenience, especially in terms of commuting to work, or transporting children to school.


To improve coexistence among the residents of an apartment building, a set of rules needs to be established. As much as these rules facilitate coexistence, defining, for example, rules for the use of common spaces, it is undeniable that they restrict the freedom of the resident.

In a house, the resident is able to establish his own rules, which allows him to carry out tasks, such as renovations or construction, much more easily. In addition, he is solely responsible for allowing people to enter his property, which tends to be reflected in more privacy.

In the end, to choose between a house or an apartment, the resident needs to take into account their needs and the lifestyle they usually lead. If he lives alone, or with a small family, the apartment may be a good option. But it is necessary to take into account that it does not offer the same freedom and space as a house, which can make life difficult for a family.

After reading this article, which type of property do you believe best meets your expectations, a house or Custom Home Builders Portland Oregon? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us!

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