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How to find a business idea to start a project tomorrow

Ideas come and go. You don’t have to find the perfect one to launch. The important thing is to start using all your strengths and especially your head.

Are you desperately looking for a business idea to set up a project but can’t find it? You are most likely looking the wrong way. It may also be that you are too demanding. Here are some of the things that I have learned in the years that I am an entrepreneur.

What you should be clear about before looking for your ideal business idea

The first thing you should know about it is that it just doesn’t exist. What you are looking for you will not find and that is why it has been so difficult for you to give the right idea.

  • Forget about perfection: your business idea doesn’t have to be the best. It has to be the right one for the moment in your life that you are living. Perfection does not exist and it complicates your life when carrying out any project. Time is precious so run and change things on the fly.
  • Forget innovation: you are not going to reinvent the wheel. Everything you have in mind already exists even if you have not seen it yet anywhere. There are always exceptions, but few of us are Einstein. Nothing happens. Even doing the same thing as others, you can be successful if you work hard for it.
  • Forget about finding the best moment: to undertake there are always bad and worse moments. If you don’t jump in, it will be because you lack the last push. I will not be the one who is going to give you to undertake it is hard, exhausting, frustrating and there will be many days in which you will want to leave everything. Think it over.

Relevant questions to find your business idea

Unfortunately there is no formula to find a suitable business idea with which you can start a business tomorrow. The simplest thing is to start with a list and then ask yourself the following questions to cross them until you only have one left. That idea is what you start to implement tomorrow.

  1. What can you do well?

Start with what you have. The most important thing is what you have in your head. It is your main asset. They are your talents, your experiences and your passions. Choosing a business idea solely for its potential profitability is probably not the best option. I already told you that this undertaking is not what it may seem at first glance. You change a fixed schedule for an unlimited one and many worries. Take off that romantic image of the entrepreneur because it is not like they have told you so far. You need a theme that motivates you so much to overcome all obstacles.

  1. Who can help you?

This point is also important. If you have coworkers, friends, or family members who can give you a lead because they have a special asset, take advantage of it. Don’t forget to establish a win-win otherwise there won’t be a long-term interest in helping you. Do not choose an idea where you depend 100% on a third party. It has to be a support but not the condition for things to work.

  1. Can you take a small step that generates first results?

For me it is essential to be able to produce small results without having to make a significant investment. The idea is to mount the house stone by stone. You can set up an online store using the WordPress platform. Even if you have no idea what I’m talking about now or don’t know how to do it, I assure you that with little effort and / or a moderate investment you can start selling. Having a website is not enough to generate income but it is the basis for generating business. Make sure to define levels of your business that you can go up step by step. If the first step is too high you run the risk of failing in the attempt.

  1. Can you differentiate yourself from what exists even in a detail?

The existence of strong competition does not worry me too much in the business world. The question is whether you can do better or differently what all of them are doing. Obviously competing with many companies is not the best option but it does not have to be a criterion to rule out an idea. Differentiation is an advantage that is often more difficult to copy than a level of quality in products or a low price. If you have few resources, it is better to find a more defined niche (eg “dog food” instead of “pet food”). A small market can be very attractive to a person who “only” seeks an income level high enough to pay the mortgage and feed the family.

The best idea in the world that is not executed is much worse than a bad one in execution. Ideas are of little use. The vast majority do not pass the phase when it is shared between reeds with friends. Dare to launch a bad idea. If you find it, of course … 😉

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