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Custom upholstered headboards

How to Make a Headboard | Check out easy and cheap ideas

When people are looking for how to make a Custom upholstered headboards , usually the idea is to add more personality to the room and also save a little on decoration, as investing in such a piece can be heavy on your pocket. However, the headboard is an item that allows many possibilities and can give a whole.

When people are looking for how to make a covered headboard, usually the idea is to add more personality to the room and also save a little on decoration, as investing in such a piece can be heavy on your pocket.

However, the headboard is an item that allows many possibilities and can give your bed a whole spotlight, giving new life to the room.

And you know what is better? It is possible to make your own headboard without making a mess and without extrapolating your budget – so there is even a little extra money to decorate the rest of the room in your own way.

So, if you want ideas on how to make a headboard, stay here with us and check out 8 easy and cheap ideas for you to give your bedroom a new look!

 What is the headboard for?

Have you ever wondered what headboards are for? They are just a decoration item or do they have a specific purpose.

In fact, headboards have played an important role since ancient times. The Greeks, for example, in addition to sleeping in their beds, also socialized in them, requiring the headboard to serve as a backrest.

Another important role of headboards in the past was to protect the bed from drafts on cold nights. And in the Middle Ages, the bed became an essential decor item, with sculptures, canopies and architectural panels.

And today, does the headboard still have an important role?

The answer is yes! The headboards, in addition to making your room more beautiful and giving the bed the spotlight, also make the room more cozy and relaxing for those who are going to rest and, above all, protect the wall from dirt and scratches.

Even today, the headboards also protect the bed from the cold and also work as a comfortable backrest for those who love to read before bed.

And if you have a box bed, the headboard will also help to fix the bed in a position and delimit the spaces.

But is it possible to innovate and leave the traditional headboards aside? Yes! Check out the ideas we separated on how to make a headboard!

 Pallet headboard

Pallets fell in the taste of decoration enthusiasts and it’s no wonder: they are a super affordable, versatile option and still make the environment super cozy.

To make your Custom upholstered headboards out of pallets, look for a piece that is the approximate length of your bed. If necessary, treat the wood by sanding, painting or varnishing, and finally, use your creativity to add decorative elements such as photos, lights, fabric, decorative stickers, etc.

 Headboard with frames and picture frame

If you are not willing to spend a lot at the moment, but want to highlight your bed, a composition of paintings in place on the headboard can give that up your room needs.

And the best: it’s a super cheap solution that you can customize as you want. You can even print the posters and frame them however you want, use your favorite photos, in short, creativity is up to you.

This option even gives you the possibility to change the posters when you get tired of them or find one you like better!

Demolition wood headboard

Demolition wood can be fitted to the headboard in many ways. To fix, the ideal is to use the fitting, placing a screwed wood on the wall and then fitting it to each board.

You can stand, lie down, paint… what will tell you is your creativity and your decoration.

The best thing is that you can get this wood for free at places that are renovating and discarding this material, so keep an eye out for renovations near you!

 Headboard with half wall

Painting the wall to make your headboard is one of the simplest ways to do it: just do some geometric paintings and your room will look different.

But the idea here is even simpler: just choose a color that you like that stands out in the room, then paint from the middle downwards only on the wall where your bed will be leaning and that’s it: a super current, sophisticated and cost-effective solution. little!

Headboard with pillows

If you are good or good at sewing, then betting on a pillow headboard for your bedroom decor could be the right option! You can sew the covers with hooks to hang them on a curtain rod and you’re done!

It’s super cozy and you can even change the covers whenever you want!

 Headboard with window grille

This is a little obvious solution, but it can bring a super different touch to your decor! Few people know, but there are places where you can buy crates that have been discarded.

Look for one with measurements similar to your bed and then just sand it, paint it with a color that matches your decor and give your room a new look!

 Headboard with PVC pipes

If you want to bring an industrial feel to the room, this is super possible and affordable to do with PVC pipes. The idea here is to use PVC and make it look like iron.

 Tufted headboard

The capitone is that padded in fabric forming geometric designs. If you’ve always wanted to have one of these to call your own and have the ability to get your hands dirty, you can do it at home!

A wooden board in the desired shape is required. With that, pierce the points for the buttons with a drill; attach the acrylic blanket and foam to make the upholstery with a stapler. Then, just place the chosen fabric and sew the buttons using the marking made previously.

So, did you like these ideas on how to make a design headboard? Tell us which one is your favourite! Also take the opportunity to share these tips with your friends on your social networks! To the next!

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