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Using your skills and experience to develop your own construction business can provide a source of income that allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours. In this article provides you with some basic ideas on how to start your construction business.

If you are thinking of starting your own construction business as a source of good income or simply to become independent, you should consider that like other types of businesses, construction companies require planning, take on many legal procedures and follow certain regulations, in addition to a lot of dedication to the success you want.

To help you start your own construction business, We present certain fundamental aspects that you should consider before taking the first step towards your growth as an entrepreneur and as a person.


This is your navigation chart, it is the engine of your business and it could be what determines a large part of the success of your company. A good business plan helps you structure your company MT65 SOLUTIONS LTD. It is also what you present to people or entities that are going to help you finance the business.

This document should include your goals and outline the methods you will use to achieve those goals. It includes sections that deal with the financial aspects of your business, the intended clientele, the necessary tools such as equipment and supplies, as well as the advertising plans. Print your business plan on paper to present it formally.


To develop a business plan, an alternative is the (Federal Agency for the Development of Small Businesses), an entity that provides you with various resources that adapt to your needs. Among these you can find:

  • Advisory tool. This resource has a questionnaire to determine your level of knowledge on the subject, if you are trained, what needs your business has and what your business strategy would be.
  • Free business courses. In conjunction with various non-profit organizations, the SBA offers free online courses on very important topics for new entrepreneurs; for example: business and marketing plans, business organization, accounting, taxes and much more.
  • Development centers. The SBA’s Business Development Centers (SBDC) Program offers assistance in all stages of planning a business. There are centers in every state in the country that focus on local markets and the needs of each client.


Be it physical or online, your business will have an address that will be reported to a State. This is important because it decides the amount of taxes you must pay, the licenses that are required, or the incentives you can receive.


Once you are clear about the name of the business, you must register it so that you protect the brand. If your company is going to be online, you must also register a domain on the internet.


 A business registration is like a person’s birth certificate. It’s the way you legalize yourself. Location and size define the type of registration as it can be done at the local, state (most common) and federal level. The value of a state registration is about $ 300.


For the structure of your business you should consider if you will create a corporation or if, on the contrary, you plan to set up a business where you appear as the sole owner. The type of company also defines a lot about how much you have to pay in taxes and what you individually expose if you don’t.


Although your construction business is new, advertise in various media (many are free at first) to attract customers. Advertise discounts to your first customers in a notice. Notify your friends, neighbors and family of your new company. Ask them to spread the word to their friends and co-workers. Personal recommendations can encourage homeowners to go inside their homes for construction or repair work.


Your business has to pay taxes, so you must obtain an EIN or ITIN number to comply with federal matters. Some states also require that you also have an identification number for your business.


You must find out the permits you need to operate and their costs. Check with your state and local government for regulations on small construction companies.


Contact a surety company to request one. Even if your desired scope of work or your local government may not require it, having a bond can make your clients feel more comfortable hiring you.


Business accounts help with running the business at various levels. Banks often offer additional benefits that you won’t have with a personal account. You should do a study on the bank that is best for you, since there are varied offers. To open this type of account it is important to have an ITIN or EIN number.


Starting a business requires money. The way you finance your business will define its operation and the success of your business. To start your business you can do it with your savings, looking for investors or with loans.

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