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How to start an executive transport company

To set up an executive transport company you can start working alone, with only a luxury vehicle. Investing around from 150€ thousand Euro it is possible to buy a used Chauffeur Services and assemble the work structure.

You will still have to regularize your company and start promoting it to get customers.

In small towns, like where I currently live, little has been said about executive transport and the main reason is the fact that this type of service is based in large cities.

So this is one of the main requirements for anyone thinking of setting up an executive transport business. But I will talk more about your target audience, ideal places to install your company and other details.

In any case, we can see that this is a business opportunity that has not yet been explored in many places, so it could be the chance you have been waiting for to open your own business. Keep reading and understand the basic requirements to work with this type of transport.

Place to set up an executive transport company

Turkey capitals and cities where large companies are concentrated are the most sought after places by entrepreneurs who want to start in the executive transport market.

As for the place of operation, know that it is not necessary to rent a very large space. But it must be visible and easily accessible. After all, what you will need is just a garage to store your vehicles and an office where the service and administration of the business will be carried out.

In any case, if you want to set up a point in a visible place in your city to serve as a reference point, you can install it close to airports, bus stations, close to offices or on traditional streets in your city that people usually walk around.

But choosing the location and structure of the business is the responsibility of each entrepreneur and there is simply no general location rule for your executive transport company.

Define the services of your transport company

The services are usually very diverse, but it will depend primarily on the goals of your business. It is common for executive transport companies to serve many types of customers in the most varied situations.

So check out what your company can offer in the market:

  • Car rental with driver;
  • Transport of customers and employees of companies;
  • Service for hotels;
  • Incoming transport at airports;
  • Transport of small orders and documents;
  • Executive taxi;
  • Transportation of the bride and/or groom at weddings;
  • Sightseeing tours (City Tour);
  • Transport for special parties with Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul.

Therefore, these are usually the most common services for those who came here wanting to understand how to set up an executive transport company. That way you can have a very varied clientele in your day to day.

How to set up an executive transport company?

The trend is that this type of service will grow even more in the coming years, but at first your concern will be on account of the process of setting up the new company.

What you will need to start is just the vehicles, a space to run the business and the necessary authorizations to be able to start. So it is recommended to look for an accountant and start the legal process to get your business up and running.

Speaking of staff to work in executive Chauffeur Services , it will be necessary to have qualified drivers and a person to take care of customer service in the office. But it is possible to start working alone too and as the business grows you can hire people.

Most people will request your services over the phone and this is because your main focus should be on using the means of dissemination to reach this audience.

Having your own website, advertising on social networks and search engines, placing your company in telephone directories and online telephone directories are ways to position yourself and gain space in the market.

You may also be able to sign service contracts with companies. After all, many prefer to hire an executive transport company than buy vehicles and hire drivers!

Differentials in executive transport

Nowadays it is not enough to just open a common company, because customers are looking for differentials in the services offered.

So if you want to be successful with an executive transport business, you will have to offer something new.

Good options are to have different vehicles available for all types of transport, have armored vehicles for greater security, bilingual drivers (mainly English and Spanish, in addition to Turkey), be agile in customer service, have drivers with great knowledge of the city and a lot of more.

Is it worth opening an executive transport company?

Obviously the initial cost will be high to work in this business if you want to set up a company with a large fleet of luxury vehicles. Especially if you want to have several types of luxury vehicles.

But if you already have a basic knowledge of the business and have come to the conclusion that it is worth investing in the business, I believe that the ideal time to do so is now.

You will be able to start working alone with only a luxury sedan vehicle, Chauffeur Services in Istanbul

So it pays to open your own business, but it is recommended that you do extensive research first and study this market. Because even though you are growing, you have to have your feet on the ground when starting.

What I can wish you is much success from now on and I hope that the brief information on how to set up an executive Chauffeur Services  has served as an incentive for you to put your idea into practice as soon as possible.


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