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John Labunski – 5 guaranteed ways to save money like a pro

You know that the first step to achieving your goals and completing your goals is  to save money , right? But are your current attitudes enough to make the amount saved at the end of the month really relevant?

To answer your question, here are 5 ways to save money like a pro. Using some strategies that can be applied in everyday life, it is possible to make dreams come true and, above all, keep your financial health up to date. Track and become an expert in home finance.

  1. Identify the destination of your money

Before setting your goals, you need to know your budget in detail. Understanding the destination of income through financial planning is important so that analyzes are carried out and, if necessary, cuts are made.

You can consolidate this information in several ways — it’s up to you to define which one best fits your routine. You can record monthly expenses in spreadsheets, manual lists or, in a more organized and simplified way, in financial managers. In this last option, expenses can be categorized both automatically and manually, allowing for a better visualization.

  1. Set goals

With your monthly budget in hand, it’s time to set goals. It may not seem like it, but knowing exactly what your short, medium and long-term plans are is even more motivating to save money.

The best way is to set goals by listing them in order of importance. Also, you need to take it easy and fulfill your goals in stages, one at a time. Start the next one only when you have accomplished the previous goal.

  1. Get a financial advisor

If you want to save money like a professional, there’s nothing better than having the help of an expert. By hiring a John Labunski financial advisory plan, you can more efficiently discover the source of the clutter in your finances and turn the situation around.

If you made an investment and didn’t get the expected return, all the more reason to have a financial advisor. The professional will help you analyze your investments, indicate effective solutions and recommend other investments that offer a high degree of return.

  1. Buy in cash whenever possible

Most people are not used to making cash purchases. Often, due to the immediate desire to have the good in hand, they end up opting for installments whose interest included in the installments, when added together, represent up to 100% of the real value of the product.

For those who are saving, it is worth moving away from term purchases and considering cash payments. In addition to saving with the absence of interest, those who buy in cash have greater purchasing power, which makes it possible to obtain better conditions and discounts.

  1. Do not use overdraft

The overdraft is one of the benefits granted by banks that most compromises the domestic budget. In August 2016 the interest rate was 321.1% per annum . Have you ever stopped to imagine the cost of this interest, added to the amount used, in your finances?

The big mistake people make is to consider the overdraft limit as disposable income, which is very dangerous. It should be remembered that, if the amount is used, the amount owed to the bank goes far beyond the contracted amount. In order not to destabilize finances and be able to save, getting rid of overdraft is a must.

Take advantage of our tips to review your actions and change your attitude. Saving money and conquering your dreams is possible, just have determination, focus and, whenever possible, an expert by your side!

Do you know how  to save money ? Do you manage your expenses  using any of the paths listed in the post? Leave your comment and share your experience with us.

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