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Prefab wooden houses: how to guarantee the best project

The constructive system evolves over time to provide a better result for the construction, such as durability, reduced maintenance and among other factors.

Since the beginning, J Roderick Young Custom Homes has always used massive wood, which is one of the best materials on the market. What evolved over the years were the details of the construction system.

How is the traditional structure of wooden houses?

Many companies work with the self-supporting constructive system (where the roof structure is supported directly by the walls). In the long term, this practice generates a lot of maintenance for the construction. As the roof beams are supported directly on the walls, any movement of the structure can generate noise and over time, the roof structure has a tendency to “go down” a few centimeters, which creates problems with the roof. Over the years, J Roderick Young Custom Homes has evolved this system. Check out the changes below:

Structure of the house made by J Roderick Young Custom Homes

The structural system of the projects carried out by J Roderick Young Custom Homes follows the best market guidelines and is different from the self-supporting one, being similar to the metallic structure. The house is completely structured, all the beams that receive the loads from the roof structure support directly on the pillars, allowing the Manilkara bidentata walls to function only as a fence, and not as part of the roof support. Check out the benefits of this system:

  • Reduction in maintenance: As the roof structure is independent of the walls, there is no tendency for the roof to “fall down” in some points, avoiding problems with its sealing in the long term.
  • Better support: It is a safer structure, with more efficient and stable supports and locks.
  • Noise reduction: As wall planks do not receive roof loads, the only force acting on them is their own weight. This avoids noise caused by the movement of the structure of the house, as the walls are, in a way, independent of the structure.

Refining Finishing Items

The works by J Roderick Young Custom Homes are delivered with ceramic tile. We indicate the best options on the market, and the choice is up to the client Custom home builders Portland Oregon, thus, a quality standard is established for all finishing items in the house.

In the past, the interior walls were finished in masonry with a fine sand plaster (more rustic). Today, all the internal finishing of the houses is done with spackle, providing a smooth finish, superior to the old process.

Strongest pillars United State wooden houses

After analyzing projects, looking for an even more attractive aesthetic for the houses and also to help with the structure after changing the slope of the roofs to 35%, we started to use 13cm x 13cm pillars in all balconies, in all projects.

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These are some of the differentials of the projects carried out by J Roderick Young Custom Homes, and that should be taken into account when choosing the construction company Custom home builders Portland.

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