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Risks of automatic garage doors

The statistics are impressive since they speak of some 27,000 accidents, which occur in Spain, directly related to automatic garage doors, a very high number if one takes into account that there are safety regulations in this regard that warn about provisions to guarantee safe use of these devices.

The current regulations on the correct operation of automatic garage doors impose obligations and necessary measures for operation in conditions such that they do not generate risks to people, and impose sanctions in case of non-compliance by those responsible for their installation and maintenance.

Garage door maintenance

The maintenance of garage doors is not only necessary but also mandatory since it aims to avoid risks and avoid accidents, something that neighborhood communities or garage owners do not want to suffer.

The accident in this type of installation can be caused by a poor installation of the garage door as well as by inadequate or in many cases non-existent maintenance, in many cases causing serious consequences for the community of neighbors.

Good maintenance of automatic garage doors will prevent accidents but also higher cost breakdowns . The importance of proper operation in this type of device means that door failures are reduced by up to 80%, and it is essential to hire a serious company with proven experience in the market.

Main risks associated with automatic garage doors

Although automatic garage doors represent comfort and technology at the service of modern life, it is also necessary to analyze the main risks associated with this type of device.

  • Suffer crushing or dragging accidents during the operation of the device, since a person, animal or object can be trapped during the operation of the door and hence the importance of installing photoelectric cells, sensitive flooring or anti-crushing bands to detect any obstacle.
  • Risks related to the electrical drive that can cause fires due to over-intensity or over-voltage, therefore it is required that automatic garage doors have protection against short circuits.
  • Collapse of the automatic door due to pressure exerted by intense wind.
  • Derailment of doors with horizontal movement, whether sliding or swinging.
  • The gate does not stop automatically once it reaches its end-of-travel limit position.
  • Remote control failure.

Accidents caused by automatic garage doors can be foreseen and therefore avoided, which is why it is necessary that the motors are of good quality, have internal force regulation systems, anti-crushing and an “encoder” system that retracts when touching any obstacle. .

In conclusion, do not save when choosing the automatic garage door, following the regulations established by law, in addition to installing adequate security systems and performing periodic maintenance on the device. From Garage Door Repairs Brisbane, we have made this video that in a didactic way alerts about the possible risks of automatic garage doors:


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