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Surprising Benefits of Hiring Auditing Experts

Auditing is an essential aspect of any business. It involves examining financial records and assessing internal control systems to ensure that a company’s financial statements are accurate and compliant with applicable laws and regulations. While some businesses may choose to conduct their own audits in-house, there are numerous benefits to hiring auditing experts to carry...

management software

Advantages and criticalities of adopting a new business management software

Today, having management software has become mandatory for companies to remain competitive. The adoption of new business management software brings considerable advantages to companies, but there are also some points to which particular attention must be paid to ensure that the process of adopting the new management solution runs smoothly. So let’s see the main...

Audit firms in Dubai

Audit of the security of accounting activities

Levers to secure accounting activities | auditors in Dubai Quality does not exist without security. Thus, with regard to financial information, it is of good quality provided it is produced in a secure environment. Regarding the accounting activities at the origin of management data and published statements, their security depends on several levers. Firstly, the...

auditors in Dubai

Internal Auditor: what it does, how to become one and job opportunities

Internal auditor: who is he and what does he do? Let’s see in detail what this professional figure does, the requirements and job opportunities in this field. The term internal audit refers to all the consultancy activities required for or by a company. Specifically, these are actions that aim to clarify the various management and...

What are the functions of an auditor?

Guatemalan companies and institutions, whether public or private, are required to submit to an audit at least once a year. Even organizations that work with international cooperation funds, such as foundations and NGOs, must carry out internal audits, in order to be accountable to their contributors. Thus, whether or not a company or institution plans...


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