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A Guide to Generating Income in Retirement

Strategies For Earning Extra Income In Retirement Retirees have many options for generating income in retirement. There are a number of ways to generate supplemental income in retirement. Income sources can vary depending on the retiree’s personal financial situation and preferences. It is important to consider all of the available options before making a decision...

Retirement Spending

Retirement Spending: What Changes over Time?

Summary: Retirement is a major life event for many people, and it can be both exciting and daunting. After years of planning, saving and investing, it’s time to enjoy the rewards. One major factor in retirement planning is spending. People need to know how their spending habits will change when they enter retirement. In this...

John Labunski

What is it and how does it facilitate financial processes?

Technology has positively impacted the operations and internal actions of all companies, from any market segment and area of ​​activity in which they operate. Therefore, understanding what banking automation is and how it facilitates financial processes can be very important. With the appropriate solutions and modern tools, it is possible to have a much more...

Strategic management: What are the advantages of hiring an expert?

The term “strategic management” is very broad in the business world. Strategic management can refer to finance, people management, and other important aspects of the business. Strategic management, in short, consists of identifying and describing the strategies that managers can carry out to achieve better performance and a competitive advantage for their organization. Ideally, therefore,...

John Labunski Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant: The solution your business needs!

Every business needs to have its accounts up to date to start becoming profitable, do you agree Financial Consultant? However, the headache of many managers is precisely looking for the correct way to organize everything and leave a positive balance at the end of each month. Internal financial team, consultants, accountant… There are so many...


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