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The 6 essential equipments for an outdoor security project

The outside area of ​​a commercial property or residence is the front line in defending against invaders and malicious individuals. Thus, a security project in an external area needs not only special care, but also differentiated equipment.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list of tools that must be adopted in order for you to be able to adopt a high level security system and properly protect the exterior of your property. Let’s check out some of the most attractive digital solutions.!

1. Motion sensor

The sensors are the most common technologies when there is a need for a good level of external protection, both for residential and corporate. This is explained by the fact that these devices, positioned in places where people pass, are very efficient in identifying invaders and activating the command center.

This equipment works very simply. Most sensors work on the basis of infrared light beams and act directly on the identification of threats: this occurs when one of the beams is interrupted by the passage of a body or object – which is essential, since many invaders usually throw tools to confirm if the sensors are present.

It is also important to highlight that the motion sensors act in an integrated manner with other auxiliary systems, such as audible alarms . In good security structures, this equipment is connected to support bases that operate for 24 hours, which speeds up the response and notification to the authorities.

There are several types of sensors . Some of them are developed in order to provide reactions according to specific attitudes, such as the abrupt opening of windows and doors or even the removal of any obstacle to access to the building.

2. Security fence

Electric fences are another classic of external security. Tools already quite recurrent in this type of market, offer robust physical protection against the action of invaders. In addition, the equipment’s own visibility creates intimidation and discourages the action of malicious individuals.

The electric fence, as the name implies, operates through a component known as an energizer. It is responsible for the direct conversion of conventional energy from the grid into a pulse of very high voltage, conducted and distributed in a uniform way.

In this way, when the invader comes into contact with the wires, the circuit is closed and the electrical discharge is transferred. The intensity of this shock can be adjusted, according to the characteristics of the device and the installation. When linked to other equipment, such as alarms and the security center, the entire perimeter now has a robust service and quick response.

3. Closed circuit television

The system known as CCTV Chicago is the most used tool today, mainly due to its versatility to adapt to commercial and residential environments. The security cameras contained in this protection structure make it possible to remotely monitor a wide area, without depending on the hiring of people to inspect this equipment.

This is explained by the fact that surveillance can be carried out remotely, from anywhere and through mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Far beyond simple image capture, the cameras have more attractive features, such as freezing, zoom range and detailed analysis of the video material.

The closed circuits have developed in such a way that it is even possible to simulate a behavior similar to that of the sensors: it is possible to draw a virtual line in the system itself and, if it is exceeded, an alarm will sound for the person who performs this monitoring.

CCTV systems have become even more robust with the popularization of IP technology, replacing much of the analog structures. Thus, it is possible to operate with very high image resolutions, such as 4K and 1080p. In addition, IP cameras can reach 16 megapixels in capturing images.

4. Video intercom

Another device developed to facilitate access control in residential and commercial environments is the video intercom. It is important to note that the function of the video intercom is not restricted to carrying out communication between the internal and external parts of an environment, but also to increase the general level of security with the visualization of those who request entry to the site.

This tool combines all the advantages of a conventional intercom, such as the ability to communicate instantly, with the efficient recording performed by capturing images by cameras, on video.

The video intercom works as follows: an equipment is directly attached to a wall or wall, on the outside of the property. When a visitor presses the button and reports his presence, the moderator views the visitor’s image and can communicate with him.

The video intercom is very practical, as it can be positioned next to the smart locks (which we will see later in the text) for entrances in general, be they common doors or typical garage gates . In addition, as the material is resistant, there is no need to worry about the effect caused by rains and weather in general.

5. Infrared cameras

Such equipment is useful for preventing attacks on properties carried out at night. Many invaders prefer to act during this period, when the light in the place is less. These cameras are composed with special plates, activated when the lighting decreases further in the environment.

With them, it is possible to capture images even in environments too dark for the human eye and monitor them remotely, without the need for physical presence on site. These devices also offer many possibilities for integration with IP cameras and optimized storage of images and videos.

6. Smart locks

Mainly used in residential security, smart locks with a special biometry to allow the opening of doors, eliminating the need for keys. In this way, only duly authorized persons will be able to enter the property.

In addition, there are also options that integrate with the manufacturer’s application and numeric passwords. Users can then lock and unlock the entrance remotely – which helps mainly those who are never sure whether they locked the doors before leaving the house.

Have you noticed how certain tools can be adopted and combined to provide a high level of protection for your assets? The good news is that all of the aforementioned equipment can be adopted and combined effectively in your security project .

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