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The first 5 steps to start digitizing your business!

If in the last article I introduced corporate digitalization and I explained to you why it is so important today – if not essential -, in this article I will explain instead how to start the digitalization of your business!

# 1. It all starts from your online space

The first thing to do to create an online company is to have your own space in which to introduce yourself, tell you about yourself, offer your products or services and be easily found by those looking for you.

How much does it cost to start a good digital business? It depends! The initial investment can vary a lot: there is no fixed budget, as it depends on the type of products you sell, their quantity and the specific needs of your company. What is essential is that your space on the web is strategically planned and built with the help of the professional skills necessary to transform a website into a place to “sell”.

#2. How to structure a website

Your dedicated “web-space” may vary its structure according to the business in question and specific business needs. In any case, a good corporate website must (or should) contain these pages:

  • showcase with detailed description of the products or services that can be purchased;
  • description of the company or brand, that is, a transparent, honest, convincing and engaging “story” of your company;
  • Contacts, the space where you offer users the possibility to contact you quickly. In the case of an e-commerce, this is the section dedicated to shipping, return and withdrawal information;
  • Homepage, the opening page of a web space can be compared to the entrance to the house, the place that welcomes users. The homepage must immediately make them understand what they will find; it must convince them to continue browsing the website.

# 3. Structure of the “web-space”: each product-sheet as a “Landing Page”

Each product sheet must be structured as a “Landing Page”, that is a “landing page” created with a specific and well-determined objective. The structure, the design, the content, the navigation path, the User Experience, the Call To Action, everything must inform the user, excite and convince him, so as to entice him to purchase.

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# 4. Create a well-structured product catalog

The catalog of your products or services must be well structured, it must highlight the qualities and peculiarities of your offer compared to competitors, it must tell the story, the advantages, the methods of use, the benefits of the offer and it must do so in an engaging way. In addition, it is important to provide for an orderly categorization of products or services, particularly if the quantity is relevant, because it helps the user find what they want.

# 5. Choose the right price

Price is one of the most important levers of the “Marketing Mix”, the choice of the “right price” is essential to guide the user to purchase. What is the right price? The one capable of enhancing your product but without any excess. The cost of what you sell must be related to the quality of what you offer, the differentiation of the offer and the competitive advantages on which you can leverage.

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