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What are Leads and why should you work with this strategy?

One of the main objectives of a digital marketing strategy is to generate contacts capable of becoming customers. Leads are ways to qualify these contacts, and efficient management is essential to achieving goals. No wonder the term “lead management” has become a veritable mantra among marketers.

Having an in-depth understanding of your company’s persona behavior and niche market is critical to successful communication strategies. Understanding the consumer’s buying journey implies creating campaigns and actions specifically aimed at what the lead wants. After all, Inbound Marketing’s mission is to deliver the right content and information to the ideal person and when they need it most!

Find out why you should focus on lead management to maximize your business opportunities!

What are leads?

Leads are nothing more than a person who provided contact information such as name, email, cell phone, etc. in exchange for something that a website can offer, such as relevant content, free tool trials, among others.

A lead is a visitor who demonstrates interest in your services or products, and who can certainly go from being a simple “curious” to a real customer. There are several levels in the shopping journey, and keep in mind that those who have already decided to buy shouldn’t always be the center of attention!

How important are leads to the sales funnel?

The sales funnel or pipeline represents the 3 steps that the lead goes through, from the first contact with the company to the purchase: top of funnel (learning and discovery), middle of funnel (problem recognition/solution consideration) and bottom of funnel (purchase decision).

For the Inbound Marketing strategy to be successful and not end up becoming a spammer, offering products and services to all leads without qualifying them, it is necessary to understand at what stage they are. This way, you’ll deliver the right content to the right person, since the profile of the leads will be well defined and directed towards the purchase decision.

Therefore, the sales funnel drives leads in stages until a purchase is finalized. The main objective is to attract and retain customers, who will feel confident and informed to hire your services or purchase your products.

How to generate leads for my business?

Once you’ve created a sales funnel, you need to define an action plan to track the leads’ path. This can be done through relevant content such as blog posts, with subjects and topics of interest to these potential customers. This way, a link is established and you will know where that lead is. Be aware that all stages of the funnel are important,

It is also possible to create a sales funnel through email marketing tools as well as on social networks. It is noteworthy that several funnels are also a possibility, and the more entry points a website or blog has, the greater the chances of capturing more and more lead.

More than generating volume, it is essential to know how to separate each opportunity; otherwise, the large volume of leads can cause problems for a company’s sales team, SEO Company in Orland Park as ineffective management results in lost revenue.

Capturing leads is synonymous with generating sales, and managing your contacts goes far beyond registration: it’s about maintaining a long-lasting relationship of trust.

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