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What are the benefits of having sponsored links on my site?

The sponsored links are Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing strategies that have been providing excellent results for companies from different segments and sizes. The segmented disclosure of sponsored links is essential to reach the target audience of your business at the moment when it is looking for something that your company sells.

Therefore, if your brand does not yet work with sponsored links, it is interesting to start thinking about including this strategy in the marketing plan of your business. Google AdWords is the most popular and widely used sponsored links tool on the market.

By adopting AdWords, the entrepreneur can create ads with short texts and links that direct the consumer to a page on the company’s website or landing page. Interestingly, the sponsored links from Google allow ads to be targeted according to location, gender, age and even the times and days of the week that consumers will view the advertisements in the search engine and partner sites.

But sponsored links can also be used on your website to monetize it. To do that, you need to become a Google partner site. Never thought of this way to make money on the internet? So, check out the main benefits of having sponsored links on your portal.

How do sponsored links work within your company’s website?

In the beginning, we showed how sponsored links used to advertise a brand work on Google and its partner sites. But, here, we will show how your brand can adopt sponsored links on your site, monetizing this channel.

The first step is to register the site on platforms that advertise third-party ads on partner portals. Today, Google Display, which is part of the Google AdWords sponsored links platform, is the most used in the market, because those interested in this type of monetization can register their sites through Google Adsense.

Website with complete information about your area of ​​expertise

Following the registration process described above and after all Google approvals, the advertisers’ banners start to appear on your website according to the configuration selected at the time of registration. For example, if your site is about sports, the sponsored link ads that will appear will be related to this market or similar category.

See how payments are made for sponsored links on your site

Now that you know how to include sponsored links on your website and how they help make your company a reference in the segment, let’s show you how to monetize this work.

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When you are a partner site, you can bill by CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead or contact generated for the company) or CPM (cost per thousand banner impressions on the website). The more hits your site has, the greater the chances of earning good earnings from sponsored links.

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