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What are the different types of garage doors?

Do you want to install a Garage Door Service? Whether it’s for a new garage or to replace your current door, you’re probably wondering what types of garage doors are available on the market. Sectional, roll-up, up-and-over Garage Door Service Sydney… Let’s take an overview of the different types of garage doors with what each model means for you.

One type of garage door rather than another is not chosen lightly. How do you use your garage? For some it is simply a matter of parking their car. For others, the garage is one of the main access points to their home (even the main or even the only one). Finally, for still others, their garage serves as a living room. And this list is not exhaustive.

Faced with so many ways to look at your garage, it is normal to find such a wide variety of types of garage doors on the market. We present them to you here.

Types of garage doors

Up-and-over garage door

The up -and-over garage door is a door made up of a single panel . This tilts by following a rail or by a counterweight system. In the open position, the up-and-over garage door adopts a position parallel to the ceiling.

This type of door can be non-overhanging and therefore not hinder the exterior passage. If you choose an overflowing model, you will gain space under the ceiling.

  • Its price is generally very affordable.
  • Leave the two side walls free, or even part of the ceiling if the model overflows.
  • Motorization possible.

Sectional Garage Door Repairs Brisbane

The sectional garage door is divided into several sections (panels) as its name suggests. These panels are articulated by following rails. A mode of operation which is reminiscent of that of rolling shutters.

  • This type of modern garage door is generally quite solid and well insulated.
  • No external overflow.
  • Motorization possible.

The sectional garage door exists in two main versions.

  • Vertical opening: The panels are housed under the ceiling. The two side walls are therefore free.
  • Side opening: It is also called the sliding garage door. The panels or leaves are housed on the left or right wall. One of these two walls is therefore unusable, but the space under the ceiling remains free. Another advantage is that the first panel can generally be used as daily pedestrian access.

Roll-up garage door

Here we are squarely on the same principle as a roller shutter . Moreover, from a technical point of view it would not be shocking to speak of a garage shutter to designate a roll-up garage door.

Thus, this model consists of blades. These blades wind around an axis that is placed in a chest. This chest is itself located on the lintel (section of wall above the garage opening). The installation of a roll-up garage door therefore requires a lintel high enough to fix this box to it .

This type of garage door exists in a manual version, but it is more practical to opt for a motorized version. If you do not want a motorization, a priori it would be better to direct you to another model.

No exterior or interior overflow (except the trunk).

The big advantage of this system is therefore to leave a maximum of accessible space in the garage.

Folding garage door

The folding garage door consists of several leaves , usually 3 or 4. When opened, these leaves fold like an accordion , sliding along the rails. Manual handling only.

  • Space-saving, does not monopolize the walls or the ceiling.
  • Easy daily pedestrian access.
  • No motorization possible.

Warning: In the open position, the leaves take up little space but are still stored in the useful opening of the garage. Check that this system does not prevent you from parking your car.

Swing garage door – Swing Gates Brisbane

The swing garage door is in fact a classic double-leaf door except that it is very wide ( learn more about the double-leaf door ). That is to say that the door consists of 2 leaves which open by pivoting , necessarily outwards in the case of a garage. No encroachment on the interior.

  • Leave the side walls and the ceiling free.
  • Motorization possible with articulated arms (like an electric gate).
  • Not compatible with a garage overlooking the public voice for space reasons.

Motorization of your garage door

Should you motorize your door?

The answer to this question is very personal. The motorization of a garage door can be very practical to save time… or quite simply to avoid having to open the door yourself! 😉

On the other hand , this represents an additional cost and rules to be respected . So it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons. On the other hand, you may not be able to adapt a motor to your garage door at all. This is particularly the case for folding doors or if you do not have the space to do so.

If you opt for an electric garage door, be aware that the safety of users comes first . The principle is somewhat the same as for an electric gate .

Among other things, an automatic garage door requires maintenance visits and periodic checks.

Also consider these safety features for users:

  • Passage or obstacle detector to avoid blocking or pinching.
  • Opening detector (of the gate) in the case of pedestrian access.
  • Warning light, especially if the garage door faces the public road.

Finally, note that if the opening is vertical (also called “raisable”) you will need to equip your garage door with a fall arrest system . And this, whether it is a manual or automatic model.

For the security aspect against thugs, do not hesitate to consult our article on securing a garage door

Sectional garage door

Installation of your Garage Door Service Sydney.

Installing a garage door requires some skill. It is not impossible to install it yourself but it can be complicated for the uninitiated.

For a perfect installation of your garage door in Sydney. You can count on us . We travel everywhere in departments 73 and 74 to respond to your projects.

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