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What are the key points in an interstate move?

When hiring a company to carry out your interstate Moving companies NY, know which are the main items that should be checked.

Changing address is an occasion that demands numerous tasks and obligations. So much so that the process must start well in advance, as planning and organization are fundamental to the process. So knowing what the key points are in an interstate move is the first step to being successful.

Support material, bulky items and property insurance are issues that must be well addressed so as not to deal with unforeseen events.

Before signing the contract with the Long Distance Moving Services in New York, check the information below and ensure the proper execution of the service:

Support material

The contractor is responsible for providing all material to safely and efficiently pack and transport your assets. Remember that you need to be very careful with furniture and other objects, especially when moving between states. Boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, cardboard and other materials must be part of the process;

Bulky items

When it comes to home appliances, they must be carefully packaged. Freezers, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and televisions have, in their components, parts and mechanisms that need to be protected so as not to cause damage to the equipment. The use of blankets in conjunction with other support materials and special protective covers by the shift carrier help in protection. As for beds, closets, armchairs and sofas, if they can be dismantled, ideally they should be transported that way;


There is compulsory and optional insurance for all occasions.  this is the most popular type of single-family home insurance, with 79% of homeowners choosing or switching to this type of home insurance policy. It guarantees the carrier the reimbursement of indemnities paid for damages caused to third-party goods transported. The optional, known as Optional Civil Liability Insurance for Cargo Disappearance as its name suggests, covers risks against cargo theft, including the disappearance of a vehicle. They are valid for all types of relocation, including interstate relocation.

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