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What are the options for automatic gates for condominiums?

Knowing how to choose the automatic gate for condominiums is essential. This is because it is a product that demands all attention and caution, especially when it comes to the company that will provide the service automatic gates.

The reason for all this care is simple to understand: in most condominiums, it will be open 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is required that the frame and motor are installed correctly.

When the automatic gate for condominiums is not chosen or installed correctly, failures are very common. So, contact a team that specializes in this type of service before hiring any company.

 What are the benefits of investing in an automatic gate for condominiums?

Before understanding more about the existing types of automatic gates for condominiums, understanding their benefits will lead the owner to purchase or not the models.

One of the highlights of this investment is, without a doubt, the security it offers to the condominium. These gates have automation capable of opening and closing your gate easily.

Whether using a remote control or installing other systems to carry out commands, investing in an automatic gate model for condominiums is recommended for security-minded homeowners.

It is worth mentioning that, finding a company that has qualified professionals to perform the service, will deliver a superior quality to the other options of gates on the market.

Another benefit that this model offers to condominiums is a more attractive facade. It is very common to find luxury condominiums, located in prime areas, with an automatic gate installed.

And, at that moment, it is easy to observe all the beauty that the automatic gates for condominiums offer to the environment.

The ease of performing the movements is also short, just having access to the remote control or another system. Therefore, if you are looking for greater ease when opening or closing the gate, automated models are recommended.

It is worth mentioning that these models are more resistant. It is enough for the owner to contact a team specialized in carrying out the installation. It is also important to talk to the experts and find out what material the model is made of.

What are the types of automatic gates?

Now that you know a little more about the advantages that an automatic gate for condominiums can offer, get to know the main models on the market:

Swing gates

This type of automatic gate for condominiums is the most suitable. And the reason for this is precisely the delivery of greater security, in addition to being the most reliable to perform the indicated services. But it is recommended that it be installed in a covered environment.

Sliding Gates Brisbane

One of the automatic gate models for condominiums that offers fewer problems. But it is essential that preventive maintenance is carried out constantly, just like other models on the market. Its use must also be within the conditions of use.

Pivoting Gates

Its opening is present through a medium with a central and vertical axis, which is supported by two pivots. They, in turn, are not sufficient to sustain and maintain the plumb of your gate. Therefore, this model is the least suitable for the use of condominiums, even though it can still be used, due to constant maintenance.

Guillotine gates

It is the best choice of automatic gate for condominiums when the sliding space is not great. The opening speed that this model presents is intermediate, as the travel speed is twice that of other gate models.

It is worth remembering that automatic gates that are manufactured with lighter materials will generate minimal wear in the automation of the model. In addition to being essential to understand the mechanics that the gate presents.

If the environment in which the condominium is built has strong winds, it is recommended to invest in the hollow gate model.

Owners must perform preventive maintenance so that the model’s useful life is longer. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a good company for the installation of the automatic gate.

And, after the installation of the gate is completed, the condominium employees must be aware of the opening and closing time of the model. This is the best way to report potential issues to technicians when necessary.


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