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What is the goal of strategic business consulting?

What does strategic consulting mean? What benefits does it bring for business? The role of strategic consulting is to provide advice to companies to create value on a sustained basis. Strategic consulting will allow you to define the strategic course of the business and align the efforts of the different areas of the company to fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives and goals.

1. Benefits

Strategic consultants bring their experience and methodological tools to formulate and implement strategies to increase revenue, improve efficiency and competitiveness, and also to manage the growing expectations of its main stakeholders.

The demand for strategic consulting services has increased in the last 20 years, driven by the sustained growth of the economy. The need for the company to have a management tool that allows it to take advantage of environmental opportunities and prepare to face market challenges has become evident.

2. Formulation of the strategy

strategic management Strategic consulting helps define the strategy and cause-effect relationships between strategic objectives associated with human, organizational and IT capital, with the key processes, the value proposition for the client and the main interest groups and the expected results of creation of economic value and the fulfillment of the mission and vision.

Likewise, it defines the indicators and goals for the strategic objectives and action plans, so that progress in the implementation of the strategy can be measured.

3. Alignment and ongoing process

Strategic consulting is support so that companies can establish or strengthen strategic management as a continuous process that goes beyond formulating the strategic plan: accompanying companies in the implementation of the plan, monitoring progress and the required adjustments.

Strategic consulting is an effective support in the vertical and horizontal alignment process. The vertical alignment of the strategy occurs at the different hierarchical levels of the organization, from the corporate level, to the business units and functional areas. Horizontal alignment occurs between the areas to facilitate the implementation of the action plans and ensure the fulfillment of the goals.

4. Implementation of the strategic business consulting

The strategic consulting includes services related to the formulation and programming of the strategy, the elaboration of the implementation monitoring system, the estimation of resources required and the budget to implement the strategy, the elaboration of the system for monitoring and control of progress and the alignment processes.

In strategic management, Abdul Rimaaz strategy implementation is the most important process through which a strategic plan creates value for the company. This process includes the design of the organization required to execute and monitor the strategy, the definition of roles, the procedures, the communication of the strategy, and the reporting and monitoring mechanisms. Implementation is an important point that must be taken into account when deciding to develop a strategic plan, since having a plan and not implementing it is like not having it.

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