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Why email is the king of marketing for consultants

Without a doubt, email is still the king in the world of digital marketing and email marketing for consultants. Today and for a long time. It was born decades ago and has been adapting to new trends and technological demands over time.

According to the latest data, more than 3.7 billion users have adopted email as a means of communication around the world. It is the preferred channel for business. Whether small or large. And to promote your products and services. Make announcements or simply send a greeting on rare occasions.

Email is considered a conventional marketing method that has gone from simple plain text messages to interactive messages. Without a doubt, email is still king. And it will be for a long time.

And because? You will ask yourself. Here are my reasons why I think this way.

Email is permission-based marketing

 Email is considered the most personal means of communication because your subscribers signed up to your list voluntarily. With the latest changes in data protection laws, this relationship has been reinforced by forcing us all to place a double opt-in in our email capture system before sending any campaign.

Email generates better conversions

For many years it has been shown that email generates higher conversions than social networks. According to a report by Campaign Monitor, every euro you spend on email marketing can bring you up to 44 Euros in profits. A not inconsiderable amount.

Emails are personalized messages in real time

There is a lot of chaos in digital marketing. Email allows professionals and entrepreneurs to break this chaos and send highly relevant and personalized campaigns that adapt to their subscribers’ interest, purchasing behavior and needs in real time.

Email is measurable

All the efforts you make with email marketing can be measured. All tools such as Mail relay, ActiveCampaign , Mailchimp, etc. allows you to analyze the percentage of openings, clicks, deliver ability, bounce, unsubscriptions. In this way you can determine the effectiveness of each campaign and can make future modifications depending on what has or has not worked for you.

Email works at all stages of the sales process

Professionals and entrepreneurs who use email marketing to promote their products and services can send campaigns to their subscriber list regardless of the status of each of those subscribers. Whether in the stage of awareness, consideration or purchase decision.

Email campaigns can be automated

Most email marketing tools allow you to create campaign flows that repeat over time depending on dates, events on your website, subscriber characteristics, etc.

Email has become interactive

We all know how successful interactive elements are in people. Email is no different. You can now include videos, gifs, menus, sliders. With this, you will be able to better connect and engage with your subscriber and potential client.

You can test your campaigns

One of the characteristics that make emails king when it comes to promoting your products and services is their ability to A / B tests and determine what type of subject, message, format, etc. is more effective with your subscribers. You can try everything. Unlimited.

As you have seen, there are plenty of reasons (and weight) to position email as the main means of getting your commercial message to your target audience.

No other medium, for now, has been able to unseat him. And I doubt it will for years to come. So I invite you to give it the importance it deserves and focus on doing email marketing for consultants. You will notice it in your sales from the first moment. I assure.

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