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Work permit for moving: How many days off do I have?

Did you know that paid days off are yours to carry out a move? If you did not know, do not worry because most people are unaware of this work permit, however, it is recognized by law.

So, if you plan to move, we will tell you all the details so that you can request your work permit for moving and be present in the transfer process.

How many days belong to me? What requirements must my move meet in order to request it? How do I apply for it in my company? Or what documentation do I have to submit? These are some of the many doubts that we are going to solve in this article to help you plan your move without problems and that you can enjoy days off for it.

How many days of work permit can I request for moving?

The first thing you will want to know is how many days of leave you are entitled to. Initially one .

The worker, with prior notice and justification, may be absent from work, with the right to remuneration, for any of the reasons and for the following time One day for moving from the habitual residence.

However, there are collective agreements that extend this leave to two or more days. So our recommendation is that you review the collective agreement that your company accepts and see the days that correspond to you to clear up any doubts and be able to plan better. Although, you already know that, at least, you can enjoy a working day of paid leave.

When we talk about paid work permit, we mean that it is a day that your company is obliged by law to give you and pay you as if you worked it.

But although the Workers’ Statute includes this permit, as you have seen, it is hardly regulated and there are no more regulations in this regard, so some doubts may arise in this regard. We solve them all below.

How and when can I request days off from work due to moving?

We have seen that the law contemplates a day off for moving, but you will not always be able to request it. And it is that, to enjoy it, the move must be from your usual home. This excludes moves to second homes.

It must also be a permanent transfer, that is, if you need to make an eventual move due to works, fumigations you will not be able to request paid leave, in this case, if you need days off, it will have to be from your vacations.

Also keep in mind that to apply for a work permit for moving you have to notify your company in advance. The problem is that the Workers’ Statute does not specify the details of this notice and there is no legislation in this regard. However, our recommendation is that you notify us as soon as possible, so that your company can anticipate your absence. And at least 15 days’ notice .

How to request this permit? There is also no action protocol, we give you some guidelines.

If you work at an SME or small business with a close relationship with the company’s management, a verbal warning or an email may be enough. If you work in a large company, you must follow some more protocol. It is recommended that you submit an application or letter to the Human Resources department requesting the permit.

This letter must contain your information and the date of the move. We provide you with a text that can serve as a base:

“I notify my intention to enjoy paid leave for moving on day X by virtue of section 3 letter c of article 37 of the Workers’ Statute”.

They may ask you for additional documentation that justifies the move , for example, the rental agreement of your new residence, the deed of sale, a certificate of registration or the invoice of the moving company can be useful.

What do I need to ask for days off from work for a move?

So, if you are going to make a move, check in advance how many days of work permit you have to organize yourself.

And then keep in mind the requirements to order it:

  • It must be the move from your habitual residence
  • No matter how far away you move, this does not affect the number of days of leave
  • You must notify the company of the date of your absence, at least 15 days in advance
  • Have the documentation that justifies this permission ready in case your company requests it

Embarking on a move is a complicated process, therefore, being able to enjoy a work permit for it will help you to manage it better. One day (or several in the best of cases) may not be enough, so we want to give you some final advice so that you can enjoy your move to your new home in the best possible way:

  • Organize your move in advance so that day will be easier.
  • If you can, enlist extra help from friends and family the days before and after so the moving process doesn’t take forever. It is also a great opportunity to spend time together and bond.
  • Try to make the day off Friday or Monday to join them to the weekend and be able to enjoy more time to make the move with peace of mind.
  • Have a professional and reliable moving company to help you in the process and make the most of your time. You can ask us for a quote without obligation and we will help you throughout the process so that your move is a complete success.

Now you know that you can request a day off for your move, how to request it and what you need for it. So if you are organizing your next move, keep this in mind to request it from your NYC Commercial Moving Company in advance.

And remember that for your removals in New York you can count on us, we will help you throughout the process so that your move is not a stressful process but rather a procedure for the new life that awaits you in your new home. Write us and we advise you without obligation.

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