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10 tips for choosing the best land for commercial construction

When building a commercial construction, one of the crucial points to guarantee the success of the enterprise is to make an adequate choice of the land, observing its location and other important characteristics. Follow the reading of this article and check out 10 tips to make the best choice.

1- Be attentive to your needs

Even if your commercial construction project is not yet fully conceived, having a prior idea of ​​the type of property that will be built and the operation to be carried out on the site will guide your choice when buying the land. By being aware of your needs and priorities, it is possible to filter your options by the length of the land, for example, which should be suitable for the activities of the enterprise.

2- Know the profile of your audience in depth

If you have already reached the stage of choosing the land, you certainly already have an idea of ​​the audience you want to reach with the project. Knowing your target audience, analyzing data such as age group, average income, gender, interests and consumption trends, it is possible to outline the regions where these profiles are concentrated and with the greatest flow of people. Depending on the constructive typology to be adopted, being visible and accessible to a large number of people should be a priority, as is the case with malls , for example. Find out more about the mall and other types of commercial buildings in this article.

3- Accessibility

Observing the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in the region of the land can ensure that your customers – or your customers’ customers, if you are building for rental – reach your business. Factors such as speed of the road, the presence of pedestrian lanes or traffic lights and availability of nearby parking lots must also be observed in advance.

4- Visibility

Knowing how much your property will be seen also greatly influences the choice of land in the case of commercial construction buildings. It is possible to predict how the property will be seen by those arriving by car and those arriving on foot, as well as paying attention to possible obstacles to the view of the facade, such as trees, wiring and even bus stops. The position of the terrain on the block is also another important factor. The corners are interesting points because they have high visibility and access through two different streets. The architectural project is decisive to increase the visibility of the project, which can be decisive in increasing the rental or sale price.

5- Locate the competition

Analyze the presence of the competition and relate it to the profile of your enterprise: is being close to similar businesses advantageous or something to avoid? Depending on the type of project to be built, business compatibility can be quite interesting. In the case of galleries or other types of real estate involving stores and retail businesses, for example, it is interesting that they are located in shopping center regions, as well as corporate condominiums are usually built in more upscale areas of the city, where there is an abundant presence other high-end buildings.

6- Physical aspects of the terrain

The physical characteristics of the terrain must also be taken into account, especially the topography, the type of soil and the solar orientation. In the case of topography, the greater the slope of the land in relation to the street level, the more expenses will be required for earthmoving, foundations and even retaining walls, in addition to requiring solutions for the exit of sewage and rainwater.

It is also important to know the type of soil and to observe if there is the presence of stones or excess water. Hard soil terrains make excavations for foundations difficult and with excessive humidity bring some other risks . Land in sanitary landfills or with very close groundwater also has very fragile soil.

And sunstroke is basically observing the position of sunrise and sunset in relation to your terrain. Knowing which direction is ahead of the land will determine the incidence of sunlight on the property. Even if land cannot be obtained under ideal conditions, a good architect or engineer can find suitable solutions to make better use of the conditions of the place.

7- Infrastructure

This is a basic item, but it is always good to guarantee: choose a plot of land on well-paved and lighted streets, with easy access to the power, water and sewage network, garbage collection, piped gas, telephone and internet, etc.

8- Legislation

Municipal laws determine what can be built in each area of ​​the city. Before buying land, make sure the type of development you want to build is in accordance with the zoning law. This type of municipal legislation organizes the sectors according to the properties and activities: residential, commercial or industrial, in addition to containing land use rules.

Among the most recurring requirements of city halls are setbacks, which determine how many meters must be maintained without building on the front and sides of the land, the occupancy rate, which specifies the percentage of land on which it is allowed to build, the utilization coefficient, which is the maximum of square meters in the total of all floors and the maximum height of the building.

9- Land cost

There is no point in choosing the perfect terrain but incompatible with your investment capacity. Prices per m² will vary according to the region, supply and demand. Be guided by a balance in the old cost / benefit equation: check if the location and the available infrastructure match the value of the investment.

10- Professional help

Finally, although our tips can help in choosing the ideal land to build a commercial property, the most appropriate is to seek qualified professionals to guide you in all stages of the project. A competent commercial construction company will be able to make an analysis of all the possibilities and will point out the best choice if you have not yet acquired the land.

We are not only concerned with execution, our goal is to assist the customer from end to end, it is in product design that we add more value, maximizing business results. We are here to help you, come with us!



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