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How to start a digital business and why do it

You may still think that with a traditional digital business everything is going great but if in 2020 you have not yet updated in the digital field, you are wasting time.

It’s time to renew yourself and it’s time to start your project on digital platforms!

Digital platforms have made traditional businesses have to update, as there is a lot of competition in the online world . We must be aware that most consumers look for any need on the Internet before making any decision, so if your product or service is not online, you will not appear to solve any of their need.

Do you have an idea to undertake?

Do you wonder what steps to take?

Keep reading this post and solve all your doubts, although you must be aware that starting a digital project from scratch and achieving success… takes time.

Reasons to start a digital business

Before talking about the actions to develop in order to start a digital business, let’s talk about the advantages and reasons why you should undertake your project on digital platforms:

  • Most of the population is present on the Internet and seeks any need through this route.
  • You have the possibility of achieving brand awareness at a national and international level
  • You compete with companies in the online world that are not found offline, and that are possibly the most demanded.
  • You will be able to position yourself and have a presence both in search engines and through social networks.
  • You will give the user the possibility to have a contact with your company by any means and at any time, without having to move.
  • The initial investment is usually lower than if we started a traditional business.
  • The return on investment is recovered in a shorter period of time .
  • The control, monitoring and parameterization is total.

Actions to develop when starting a digital business

There are several actions that have to be developed when making the decision to start a business in the online world:

  1. Define your project and your market niche

The first thing you have to be clear about when undertaking your project is to know what you are going to offer and what need you are going to cover users with your service or product.

It is very important that you define specifically what your niche market is, that is, know who your potential clients are. Do not forget that the digital world provides us with a lot of user data to be able to define our buyer persona in detail.

Data such as buying behavior, use and consumption of social networks, internet use …

You must focus on your potential customers!

  1. Set goals

When developing your online project you have to establish a series of objectives to measure the results you want to achieve with your business.

The objectives must meet the SMART rule : specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

A very high percentage of businesses fail because they have not been able to correctly establish their business objectives or goals at the communication, marketing and commercial level.

It is very important to set goals to get where we want to!

  1. Work the strategies to carry out

Once we have the objectives in mind, we must think about the strategies that we are going to carry out to meet each of the objectives . This part is essential!

Digital marketing, marketing and communication strategies.

We cannot start a digital business without a marketing strategy that touches at least:

– Web optimization .

– SEO strategy : SEO on page, SEO off page and WPO.

– Social Media Strategy.

– Content Marketing.

  1. Make an action plan

Since we are clear about our project, our market niche, what are the objectives and the strategies to be carried out to achieve the objectives … we must implement all the actions !!

This means specifying and materializing the actions that will help us meet the objectives set.

The simplest thing is to open an Excel sheet, add the time (by days, weeks and months), incorporate the areas of action (SEO, Social Networks, Content Marketing, Analytics …) define actions for each area, add a small description, add a start and end date, and finally put the person in charge and the status.

You no longer have excuses !!!

  1. Monitoring and control

Lastly, keeping track of the project is one of the most important parts.

Knowing everything that is happening with each of your actions and measuring all the results that are being achieved is essential to know if the business will be profitable .

So it is time to choose which are the main KPIS that you have to measure to have real control of your business. With the KPIS, the time has come to design a professional scorecard or “balanced score card”.

Areas of Digital Marketing that will help your business

To drive your digital business to success, there are many parts of digital marketing that can help you achieve profitable results:

  1. Social Media

 The Social Media area will help your brand to achieve a presence on social networks and a community of followers.

Creating quality content on your social media profiles will increase traffic to your website, in addition to offering fast and personalized customer service.

Currently, if your digital project is not on social networks or does not have a neat image, it generates distrust among users , so it is very important to have the profiles worked out.

Here is a post where you can learn more about the advantages of managing social networks in your business .

 Search engine optimization

You can have your project developed on digital platforms but if your website does not appear in Google when users are looking for a need to cover, you are dead on the Internet.

That is why it is very important to work on search engine optimization or rather, SEO. Improving organic search engine positioning provides qualified traffic to your website, so it is very important to take care of the design, architecture, content, speed of the web and add keywords.

This post can be very interesting if you want to know how to position your retail website in Google .

  1. Digital advertising

This is one of the parts that works best for digital businesses. Can you imagine appearing in the top positions of Google when the user looks for a need and you can cover it?

This can be done through SEM, through search engine advertising !! This is its value, since it is aimed at the public that is really interested in what you offer.

  1. Email Marketing

It has become the perfect communication tool for the brand to communicate with the customer. It usually gives very good results and conversion as it is an excellent opportunity to offer the user quality and value content to convert leads into potential customers.

  1. Content marketing

Offering really relevant, valuable and totally interesting content for users is very important. For this reason, it is essential to offer the consumer all kinds of content (videos, post, infographics, images, etc.) in order to attract and retain customers.

The essential thing is to know what the target audience of your business is interested in and provide them with quality content according to their needs, so that in the end they get to know your product and service and thus become a customer.

  1. Digital analytics

This is the part where you will make sense of all of the above. From here is where you can obtain results of all the actions carried out previously and know if your implemented objectives are really being met.

You can contact us to learn more about each Digital Marketing strategy for your business and so you can also check where you are right now.

Tips to be a successful digital entrepreneur

  • Always stay updated
  • Adapt to market changes
  • It is very important to produce quality content
  • Be original
  • Improve relationships with people involved in the business
  • Work on your personal brand in social networks and generate presence
  • Participate in events
  • Take a look at the metrics and keep track
  • Be passionate about your work
  • Analyze and stay on top of the most successful entrepreneurs
  • Be flexible to changes
  • Don’t be afraid of failure

Now you know why you should start an online business and what are the actions you have to follow to make your project succeed.

Remember … if you want to undertake that is based on strategies focused on digital platforms !!

You already know why you should start an online business and what are the actions you have to follow to make your project succeed.


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