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5 tips for buying women’s clothing online

Are you going to start buying women’s clothes to wear or to resell online ? This is a way to earn extra income or even start a new business. Best of all, the initial investment to become a successful bag is relatively low, when compared to other sectors such as food, for example.

So, if you identify with the fashion sector, starting by selling to neighbours and friends can be a great option. In addition, you can also work with online sales, whether in a virtual store or through social networks.

Whichever alternative you choose, it is important that you know how to buy quality women’s clothing suitable for resale. To help you in this process, we have separated some tips that will serve both when buying women’s clothes and when reselling them , both when you advertise the pieces on your social networks. Check it out and succeed in your new business!

Read/offer item descriptions when shopping for women’s clothing

Have you ever made an online purchase, thought you were getting a specific item, and received something else entirely? It is common that, when browsing a website, the person is so excited that sometimes they do not pay attention to the product description. In other cases, the description is inefficient and ends up not making it clear what is being offered.

To avoid problems both when buying women’s clothing and when reselling it, it is necessary to carefully read the description and also describe the item well. Evaluate the measurement table, find out about the fabric, see details of the print and even about the application of embroidery or glitter, for example.

Another important point, especially when the person is going to buy women’s clothes for resale and in quantity , is to pay attention to see if the print in the photo is really the one that will arrive at your home. Sometimes there is an alert of “various prints” or something like “cannot choose print”. This must be taken into account before making the purchase.

Analyze the fabrics of the clothing composition 

When carefully reading the description of the pieces to be purchased, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of fabric. Is this really what you are looking for? And if it’s for resale, is the fabric used what most pleases your customers?

Anyone who buys women’s clothing for resale should think about their target audience. If the people you have as customers are more into practical clothing, for example, knitwear might be more suitable. Social clothes are already worn every day, linen or silk may be options.

Finally, there are several types of fabrics and each one of them interferes with the fit of the piece and, of course, with the softness when wearing. While some are light and practical, others wrinkle a lot and are difficult to iron. See some of the most common fabrics and their particularities:

Cotton : When shopping for women’s clothing, you will likely find a lot of cotton items. This fabric is made of natural fiber and can be the best option for the hottest days;

Polyester : Does not wrinkle and tends to be warmer than cotton fabrics. Therefore, it can be a good option for colder seasons. It is a synthetic fiber;

Viscose : soft, dries fast and is a very cool fabric;

Elastane : Used with other fibers, it is commonly applied to jeans, for example.

Check out the fit of the clothes in the photos

When evaluating the fabric of the clothes that will be purchased, you will already have an idea of ​​the fit. however, to make sure you’re buying something you really like or what’s right for your customers, check out the photos.

Most of the time, online stores put pictures with someone wearing the piece. This helps to assess the fit before buying women’s clothing. It also gives a better idea of ​​the length of the piece, although the measurement table should be evaluated before closing the purchase.

The photos also help to assess the size of the neckline, if it is a tighter or looser outfit and if it really has the style that your customers like. Therefore, both when buying women’s clothes and when reselling them, posting or checking photos with the models using them can help a lot in the choice process.

Work with standardized measures

The size S of one brand is not the same as the other brand. Standardization is usually done by industry rather than general. Therefore, it is necessary to make the measurements clear at the time of sale or choose brands that offer pieces with similar measurements of:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Shoulder
  • Length
  • Hip

This must be taken into account in the day to day of buying and selling. Let’s say that a customer places an order for a white blouse with a pocket on the left side, for example. She wants a cotton piece and you already know she wears M.

Although he tried to buy from the brand he is used to reselling, he did not find the requested model made by the same textile industry. Therefore, she had to acquire the clothing from a new company.

However, the measurement table of this new brand is very different from what your client is used to. What to do? Before purchasing clothing for resale, compare the measurement chart. It may be that P is sufficient or that G will be the most suitable. The important thing is to offer a product that serves and gives a good fit to the customer.

Buy/sell in secure stores

Last but not least, you need to buy women’s clothing in safe places. Prefer to buy from a well-known, renowned store that you have good references. The same goes when selling. After all, you want to link your products to something positive, don’t you? So don’t forget to offer security to your customer!

Also, consider buying the parts online as it is cheaper. Do you know why buying from online suppliers reduces costs? Check out!

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