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Executive Transportation: Tips to Avoid Delays at Business Events

Although it has always been a great option, in recent years Executive Chauffeur Service transport has been improving the quality of service and showing a differential.

That is, it proves to be one of the best options for business events. Since, professionalism helps in creating a good image.

This is because professionals manage to maintain punctuality through a quality service that understands the importance of these events.

However, this is not the only thing that will help you to avoid delays. Therefore, we will give tips throughout this article.

So, if you want to know how to avoid delays at business events, keep reading!

Keeping punctuality is very important for any worker, but even more so for those who run a business.

After all, you are the one who creates the image of your business. So I’ve separated some tips that will help you make a great impression!

  1. Planning is essential:

Like any other aspect of life, business events also demand planning so that goals are met.

So, keep in mind that here you have two big goals. The first is to maintain punctuality to cause a good image.

The second will be according to your business and the outcome of the event itself.

Therefore, try to define what time you want to arrive considering everything you will have to do throughout the event and prepare for it.

A good way to avoid your delay is to check the weather to the location. Then, calculate an extra time between 30 minutes to 1 hour to escape eventualities.

  1. Choose your Executive Chauffeur Service Istanbul:

As said before, executive transport is one of the best options for you to keep your punctuality and make a good image.

Once, you will count on prepared professionals. These will research your route beforehand and predict possible events.

Even indicating the best way and time to leave the house considering possible eventualities!

Therefore, you need to choose a responsible Executive Chauffeur Service and below, I will give you some tips on how to do this, check it out.

  • Service: the first thing you need to define is the type of service needed, in this case you will need a private driver. So, this is the kind of qualification that the company must have;
  • Trust: it is not always possible to know in advance the contracted service. But, it is possible to evaluate the experience of other people on evaluation platforms and through the website itself. In other words, look for company references, understand how they operate, the active market and the type of consumer they serve;
  • Vehicles: then, pay attention to the type of vehicle the company offers, as this is also important for its image. Can you imagine getting a red goal at the event? The car needs to have a sober and professional image, preferably black, and offer comfort to the passenger.
  1. Know how to prioritize commitments: Executive Chauffeur Service 

Exactly what time of day does the event start, morning, afternoon, night or all day?

It is essential to consider this when planning your day. Let’s say the event will happen in the middle of the day, and then search:

  • Do only your simplest tasks first;
  • Avoid making other appointments that may take a long time;
  • Leave everything you need separated the day before (clothes, materials, etc).

That’s because you should avoid as much as possible other activities that can take up your time and stress you, consequently causing you to be late.

To prevent something from getting in your way, always try to map out your week. This can be done through easy-to-access digital calendars.

As well, you will still receive reminders every day. Both about your daily tasks and those that are overdue!

  1. Align expectations with executive transportation:

Finally, my tip is quite simple, after choosing the ideal transport company and planning your week.


Contact, if possible, the driver who will carry out your transport. Define with him the time and place at which you want to be picked up.

As well as the place and time you want to be taken, talking about your need to arrive early and the importance of this!

With this, you guarantee more securely that there will be no failure in communication.

  1. Make a commitment:

When the big day arrives, remember to stick to your plan and avoid distractions.

If possible, create reminders on your phone so you stay on time! However, if something unexpected happens, be honest.

Contact the people you’ve made an appointment with and let them know that you won’t be able to arrive on time.

Don’t make excuses or try to justify yourself. Be direct, let them know that an unforeseen event has occurred and seek to know if it is possible to wait or if it is best to reschedule the appointment.

  1. Executive transportation for staff:

If the need involves not only you, but also other people on your team.

Try to apply all the tips given here, but in a more comprehensive way. Your team must maintain communication and planning.

So that it is possible for everyone to be at the same starting place at the exact moment. To make this possible, some tips are:

  • Schedule: after considering the extra time to avoid unforeseen events during the route. Also book a meeting time at least one hour before the departure time. In other words, even if someone is late, there will still be time;
  • Technology: use is in favor and creates a group on WhatsApp where everyone will be present, but avoid small talk. Use this only to notify time, attire and other needs related to the event. The day before, send a reminder about planning and do the same on the day itself!

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We have seen throughout this article, how to avoid delays in important events and appointments of your business.

Also, how executive transport can help you right now. Since it will be possible to count on professionals:

  • Qualified;
  • Responsible;
  • Prepared.

Thus, offering not only a service full of comfort, but also punctual and prepared to avoid unforeseen events that delay you!

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