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5 Useful Tips to Build Your Online Presence Effectively

It can be almost redundant to reiterate the importance of an online presence, regardless of the business sector. But how can a small and medium-sized company emerge in the perilous and crowded sea of ​​the Internet? Here are which resources to use.

What does ‘being found on the web’ mean? It means many things, depending on the budget and the set goal: it means direct conversions, as well as lead generation , or even activating levers for branding etc. Whatever the goal, the way to achieve it still passes through a strong online presence , achievable through precise tools and functional web marketing strategies and Online Presence Effectively.

  • 5 key concepts for building an effective online presence
  • What is the right site to get a good online presence?
  • SEO and Content Marketing: content is always law
  • Listening to social media helps strengthen your online presence
  • There is no online presence without paid campaigns
  • Protection and privacy: the importance of protecting your users

5 key concepts for building an effective online presence

Let’s try to summarize the pillars of digital marketing in 5 key concepts , which must be the basis of the actions aimed at a strong online presence of your company and your brand. To implement the growth of both, these concepts must be put into practice in a continuous and rigorous way, always trying to do things at their best.

It is clear that the pursuit of perfection will be based on subjective variables such as objectives, budget and business sector, but it is equally clear that the success of a company on the web cannot do without some steps, from the website to the editorial plan. Let’s see what they are, deepening the salient aspects.

What is the right site to get a good Online Presence Effectively?

Beautiful, optimized and user oriented : these are the characteristics that a company blog / website must have to be functional to the business. Here’s what it means in detail and in practice:

Pleasant and captivating design : “ Even the eye wants its part ” goes an old adage. The same principle is also valid for websites, whatever the function you wish to entrust to this tool: sales, information, navigation etc. Relying on a qualified professional, web designer or web developer , able to design and build a site that enhances both the content and the brand is highly recommended. An effective online presence is built starting from the company / professional website, which is why investing in professionalism is undoubtedly a winning move.

UX first : the user experience (acronym UX in English) is a top priority for search engines, which is basically for Google. Optimizing for mobile and conversions is therefore essential. A site that does not run optimally on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), as good as it may be, will be practically useless. From mobile, people want to do everything quickly, easily and securely. These conditions are not negotiable, as an overwhelming fact shows: smartphone users are close to 3 billion in 2020 and mobile searches are on a steady and dizzying rise.

If a person searches for a product or information on your site, they must be able to use it easily, which means that the page must load quickly and completely: even a single second of delay in loading can reduce user satisfaction. and it can put the loss of a potential customer at stake. Heat map technology and subsequent data extrapolation will help you understand how people interact with your site, so you can identify any areas for improvement. While as regards the control of the optimization status of the pages of your website we advise you to use, among the various online tools, the one created by Google itself https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

SEO and Content Marketing: content is always law

You may have heard it repeated many times, yet the phrase ” Content is King ” – the title of an article published in 1996 on the Microsoft website and signed by Bill Gates – is still a pillar of any digital marketing strategy. The unique content and quality , so defined value, are the cornerstone to build a strong and solid online presence without them your brand and your reputation will not emerge as industry authorities, does not distinguish itself in the thick, fierce competition from the Internet and Online Presence Effectively.

Only by making content with added value a priority (be it a post, a photo, a video, etc.) can you have the chance to please Google and consequently to reach a better ranking, thus increasing the chances of intercepting interested users . One of the focal questions is “ What is quality content? “. The answer is simple and complex at the same time: they are those relevant to the sector, informative, useful and able to engage the target audience. A difficult mix to achieve, which is however the only way to obtain relevant results for traffic volumes and online presence, as well as for conversions (eg sales, newsletter subscription, app download, fanbase increase, etc.).

This hard work will improve your organic rankings, allowing you to be placed at the top of the first page of search engine results (SERPs) and facilitate optimization for SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization ). NB The SEO strategy is constantly evolving and is a sum of many factors, gathered under the heading SEO friendly, which include the construction of the site (theme, tags, speed, etc.), the production of quality content and the updating on new releases of the Google algorithm. Knowing which indicators of value the search engine is looking for when it scans every single page and every content on your website is essential to be found. And being found remains the primary goal of any online presence strategy worthy of the name.

Listening to social media helps strengthen your online presence

The site alone is not enough to guarantee you an online presence worthy of good visibility. Attending social media is a primary activity, for which almost standardized procedures are required. Planning first. A good editorial plan must foresee which contents must be shared on different social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Then you will have to think about how to produce them and when to publish them. Photos, infographics , videos, live streams are powerful means that can drive traffic to the website or even convert themselves.

But you will have to keep in mind that this is an activity that requires time, knowledge of the various platforms and the ability to produce effective content based on the desired goal. Also in this case, it may be convenient to evaluate the preventive advice of a web agency that can develop an adequate strategy.

Instead, what we advise you not to delegate is listening to your fanbase : monitoring which contents are most discussed is an opportunity not to be missed to ‘take the pulse’ of those who follow your company. Which means being proactive about what works, for a possible replication of the model, but also being ready to respond to criticism and negative notes.

There is no Online Presence Effectively without paid campaigns

! Yes, to increase the visibility of your product and your company, you cannot do without paid advertising. Being able to exploit the potential of specialized platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads , will allow you to increase visibility exponentially, achieving results that are not matched by organic, or spontaneous, growth.

The advantages of Internet promotion are ease of use and cost savings compared to traditional media such as print and TV. These conditions of convenience, however, are realized only on condition that the campaigns are built in an organized way, which means: having clear objectives, knowing what tools to use to pursue them, setting a sensible budget and being able to monitor the results of the online campaign. Steps not taken for granted and for which it may be worth relying on specialized professionals who know how to optimize the resources of time and money.

Protection and privacy: the importance of protecting your users

Building an online reputation must go hand in hand with strengthening your web presence. Every company that operates on the web, whether small or large, must make IT security and data protection a strong point . Suffice it to say that even giants like eBay and Uber can fall victim to computer piracy aimed at stealing sensitive and non-sensitive data of those who surf the net.

In the presence of increasingly alarming data relating to hacking and computer viruses – + 365% annual crimes on the web in 2017, of which 61% against companies with less than 1,000 employees (US sources) – let your users know that yes they can trust, score a point in your favor. Trust in the brand and consequently in its products will allow you to make customers feel at ease while interacting with your company online and Online Presence Effectively.

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