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Economical digital marketing: optimize your content and achieve good results

With the digital transformation underway and the current demand for lean budgets, your company needs to find an economical digital marketing model to continue doing business.

That’s why we’ve separated here some tips to maximize your budget, in order to produce relevant content and keep your digital presence in full swing – check below.

Align your goals with content needs

If you need to attract an audience to your website, where your main sales channel is, it makes no sense to invest to bring more followers to your social networks. The strategy may even make sense – but it will be a long, costly and time-consuming path.

In addition, analyze your demands: if the objective is to leverage sales, producing content aimed at strengthening the brand, for example, can be a waste of time and money.

Define your goals and create an editorial calendar that can leverage the achievement of those goals: sell more, leverage market share, expand the goodwill of the brand and so on. How to do this? See the topic below.

Create an economical digital marketing strategy

An economical digital marketing strategy is not simply to define the number of blog posts per week, do some SEO for them and share them on social networks.

You need to go beyond the tactical part of when to create and deploy content and seek answers to questions such as:

  • What are you being produced?
  • Why is this being produced?
  • What is the expected content ROI on each specific channel?

Most importantly, concentrate all your digital channels to the same table.

Understand what they’re driving, check for overall alignment and determine what your content needs are individually to create a cohesive strategy.

Learn from the past

If you haven’t delved into metrics yet , now’s the time. An important part of any economic digital marketing strategy is to know which action performed well and the reasons for it, through the data obtained. You need to get information about what has worked and what has not happened in the past.

If you have data on how content has been optimized, shared and promoted in the past, use this to influence your actions going forward.

Take good lessons from the competition

There is always something to learn from your competitors’ work – especially at this time, when digital actions play an essential role for business.

Even a basic review and documentation of topics, formats and what we can see externally and through research tools in terms of engagement on competitors’ websites can be very useful.

When you don’t repeat competitors’ mistakes and can get good insights into what seems to be working, you save time, effort and money.

Listen to your audience

In addition to looking at data obtained from past actions, it is important to obtain data from your sales team and your customers:

  • What are the negative points of your company and its products?
  • What questions did they have in the research and purchase process?
  • What content was useful in this process?
  • What would they like your company to have told them before?
  • How could they have found your company faster?

Use conversations, surveys and meetings to get this information and see how it aligns with your goals, topics and your cost-effective digital marketing plan.

Reuse your content in a variety of ways

The objective of investment in content should be the maximum use. By being able to exploit the same material in several digital marketing channels, for uses other than marketing and packaging it in different ways, it allows your company to get the most out of it.

We are not talking about publishing an article on the blog and sharing it later on your social networks – but we are better exploring the formats and opportunities.

For example, if your blog has a well-ranked article on a topic relevant to your industry, you can write articles that reuse it with each new or changing thing – something like “One month after the end of the pandemic: what have we learned?”.

Another option is to convert it to new formats: that same article can become an infographic, the infographic can be expanded into an eBook, the eBook can gain a new language if it becomes a video – the creativity of your company or agency will define the direction of this step of their economical digital marketing.

Creativity and flexibility: even more essential

With content being a focal point and the necessary function of virtually every digital economic marketing channel – including search marketing – the importance of investing in it is clear.

By being proactive and creative with your approach to content production and finding ways to save on putting cost-effective digital marketing into practice, your online actions will become more efficient and perform better as a bonus.

If you want to go deeper into the topic and learn more about how to apply economical Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing to your business, visit our rich materials page now!

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