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6 Garage Door Options To Enhance Your Contemporary Home

Over time, we have seen the birth of architectural styles and decorations of all kinds. The arrangement of various elements, such as materials, accessories, fixtures and exterior Garage Door , creates a multitude of possibilities, as is the case with contemporary houses and the modern country residence, the famous  Modern Farmhouse .

As your garage door can represent up to 45% of the facade of your house, it is worth taking the time necessary to choose the model of garage door that will perfectly match your architectural style. In collaboration with Garage Door Repairs Designs, get inspired by this article that profiles 6 garage door options to enhance your contemporary home.


Natural light is one of the signatures of modern architecture, with its cubic shapes embellished with magnificent windows. It is for this reason that the Panoramic garage blends so well into this aesthetic. Entirely glazed, it makes the most of the exterior luminosity. Its use is not limited exclusively to your garage. Combining style and function, it can be incorporated into your home decor and used as a divider between rooms, such as the living room and sunroom.

In addition, the panoramic door can be personalized both by its color, the arrangement of the mullions or by the type of glass used. The many combinations allow you to create a style that is as unique as your home. The panoramic door is available in white, black and gray anodized. Whether clear, tinted, reflective or opaque, you will certainly find the one that will perfectly match your home.


Scandinavian architecture is growing in the market. This architectural style stands out both for its simplicity and its energy efficiency, just like the Garage Door Repairs Brisbane. This minimalist model in smooth 20-gauge steel certainly complements the clean Scandinavian style by adding a sense of volume to your facade. The Quantum garage door is available in white or in the color that best matches your home.


If you care about the efficiency of your garage door and want to put simplicity first, the Wood Grain garage door  is a good choice for your home. Practical and efficient, this model has a versatile, pattern less minimalist look that complements any architectural style. It has a texture as authentic as its raw material, wood, but without its drawbacks. Designed in steel or aluminum, this door is available in 11 different colors.


Your contemporary house exhibits a complex structure rich in textures and materials, but you have trouble finding the garage door that respects the aesthetics? The Urban and Urban MR garage door models will amaze you.

The Urban model   features a sophisticated front with a wood grain texture and two thin parallel lines, at the top and bottom of each panel. For a more elaborate style, the  Urbaine MR model  stands out with its five grooves evenly arranged on each of the panels, a model that gives the illusion of a more imposing garage door. Made of 26-gauge galvanized steel or 23-gauge aluminum, these models are available with an R-12 or R-16 insulation factor. Also, it is common for these models to be decorated with large windows.


Modern homes are thoughtful dwellings that merge functionality, comfort and efficiency. The Garage Door Repairs in Sydney, also offered in an economical configuration, perfectly complements modern architecture. Made of galvanized steel or aluminum, it is recognizable by its wood grain texture and its wide lines distributed in pairs at the top and bottom of each garage door panel. Offered in several colors with a versatile design, it can also suit other architectural styles or match a panoramic door panel. A creative option that offers a compromise between insulation and natural light.


Combining country and contemporary styles, the modern farmhouse, nicknamed  Modern  Farmhouse ,  has been gaining popularity in Canada for the past few years .  This architectural style  unites the elegance of the contemporary style with the rusticity of country design through the harmonious integration of multiple contrasting elements of these two styles.



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