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24K gold

What is 24K or 24K gold? How is it different from 18K and 14K gold?

Gold is a metal widely used in the world of investment and jewelry, as well as having other practical uses such as electronics, dentistry, the glass industry, among other applications. To determine the quality of gold, it is measured by its degree of purity; To measure this degree there is a scale of values ​​that goes from the number 1 to 24, followed by the letter K, which means carats . This measurement pattern allows us to determine the amount of pure gold present in ingots, coins or jewelry.

When we see that a piece of gold has the denomination 24K , it means that it is the purest gold, 24-carat gold .it has a purity of 999.9 or 99.9%. This means that it has 999.9 parts per thousand of pure gold. The higher the number of carats, the more purity the piece or jewel will have, however, the maximum degree of purity (24K) is sometimes not recommended for making jewelry, because it is very malleable or “soft” to adopt certain shapes, besides that it can easily be deformed by any type of impact or blow. Due to this reason, there are alloys, in which the purity of gold is decreased but its resistance or hardness is increased.

 Differences with 18K or 14K gold

There are different types of gold according to the carats, mainly in its degree of purity, since the way in which the carats increase, the value of the piece will increase. Below we will learn more about other measures or presentations of gold to better identify their differences with respect to 24K gold.

 18K or 750 gold

18K gold is the most commercialized type of gold, since it is the most widely used in the production of jewelry and other pieces; 18K means that the degree of purity of gold is 750 parts of gold per thousand, the remaining 250 parts is presented with the combination with other metals, in order to obtain different finishes or colors. It is also known as high gold. This type of gold is softer, so scratches are more visible to the naked eye.

 14k gold

This type of gold is also known as low gold, since its purity is 58.5 gold and the remaining 41.5 is other metals such as copper, nickel and silver itself, which gives the pieces made With this type of gold, great durability and resistance to scratches. It can also be said that 14K indicates that there are 14 parts of gold to 10 parts of another metal.

 What is the best type of gold for jewelry?

Due to the malleability of 24K gold, it is only used in inlaid jewelry. On the other hand, for the production of “fine” or high-end gold jewelry, the ideal type of gold is 18K, because it still retains part of its value and because special finishes and higher definition can be achieved. However, if what you are looking for is a jewel of high resistance and durability, then the best option will be 14K Gold rate in Dubai.


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