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How much to invest in physical investment gold?

If you are thinking of investing in gold, you have already made the most important decision and now you must consider what type of investment in gold you should make and what percentage of your savings you should allocate to investment Gold price uk.

There are two types of investment gold:

  • physical gold
  • gold paper
  • Investment Physical Gold

Physical gold can be stored by yourself and we find it in the form of gold bars or coins , and also in granules that are used for the jewelry industry, but it is not suitable in terms of investment, you can also hire a company that stores the gold for you, which could be a Swiss bank or well-known storage companies.

Buy gold coins

Before experimenting with storage formats, we think it is important that you become familiar with gold and to do that there is nothing better than buying a gold or silver coin from a gold dealer.

When you do, you will see that you may be a little nervous, because we are not used to buying savings products that protect our purchasing power in a physical way. Enjoy the moment because it’s something exciting that used to be done in the old days, and is now being rediscovered.

Before buying your gold coin, familiarize yourself with the type of gold coins that exist on the market and their characteristics (gross weight, net weight, design, circulation, etc.) and when you have decided on a gold coin, consult several gold dealers you have access to decide where to buy.

You will have come a long way if you have asked yourself all these questions:

How to buy investment gold? How much investment gold should you buy? What type of investment gold to buy? And what kind of gold coins or bullion should I buy?

Since you have already accumulated the experience and knowledge to buy a gold coin, you can now decide how much and what type of gold you want to invest in.

Many so-called market experts will usually recommend that you invest between 5% – 20% of your assets in gold. But this is not a certain science, and many of the people who have been buying and investing in gold for years probably have well over 20% of their assets invested in precious metals. It all depends on your risk profile. Based on the experience of recent years, we believe that it is better to be conservative, prudent and diversify assets well into tangible assets if possible.

In a future article we will explain how to create a diversified investment portfolio with physical investment Gold price chart


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