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Advantages of choosing a sectional or overhead garage door

There are different advantages of choosing a sectional or tilting garage door since they are two totally different automation due to their type of opening. Over time, both have gained popularity since the garage has evolved over time, going from just parking our vehicle to being another usable space in our home. For the same reason, it is necessary to take into account the advantages of the two types when deciding to install a new Garage Door Service in Brisbane. At MDI Automation we can offer you completely free advice to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

What advantages does a sectional garage door offer?

The main advantages of a sectional garage door is its safety and the tightness it offers against adverse climates. Composed of sheet steel or aluminum panels, they are filled with insulating foam, offering an anti-pinch system to prevent someone from pinching their fingers. The panels slide through guides and are perpendicular to the ceiling, which provides a large amount of space.

The motor of a sectional garage door is very quiet and both the closing and opening are smooth, plus it is located on the ceiling. In addition, they must have safety systems installed such as anti-crushing and photocells, which actively contribute to preventing accidents. In the event of a power failure, they can be put into manual mode, although it is recommended to repair them as soon as possible to avoid misalignment. There are different models that can be aesthetically adapted to the tastes or needs of each person and it is even possible to fit an integrated pedestrian door, windows and even grilles.

Given its safety, tightness and reliability, its installation is recommended for individuals or communities of owners with less than 25 spaces. Intensive use can cause wear on both the cables that support the door and the torsion spring, so it is always recommended to carry out the stipulated maintenance.

What are the advantages of a swing garage door?

The advantages of a tilting garage door lie in saving space. They are made up of one or two sheets and made of sheet steel, aluminum or wood. They are characterized by greater durability. For a community of owners MDI Automation recommends the installation of a counterbalanced swing door with two leaves, since they can be used for intensive use.

There are also models of tilting garage doors with a pedestrian door at competitive prices that facilitate the exit of people. In the same way as the sectionals, in the event of an electrical failure, they can be put into manual mode, allowing vehicles to leave or enter until they are repaired. As a counterpoint, these types of doors do not have rubber, so the insulation they offer is less than the sectional ones, both acoustically and thermally. They need more space on the sides since the counterweights are located (approximately 20 centimeters on each side).

To prevent accidents, the mdi recommends seeking advice, since it is necessary to install a parachute system, which will prevent the door from detaching in the event of a cable break, in addition to an anti-crushing band, providing greater safety. The maintenance of a tilting garage door will be the same as in the previous case, although these parts suffer less wear and, therefore, are more durable.

Which garage door is recommended to install?

The most important point is the use that is going to be given to it. For individuals and small communities of neighbors MDI Automation recommends the installation of a sectional door, being able to choose to add a pedestrian door. They are characterized by smooth operation and the motor is quieter. They allow an effective saving of space allowing greater thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to incorporating safety systems that prevent accidents.

Single-leaf tilting garage doors are cheaper, although it is always advisable to install two leaves since, in addition, with the appropriate motor; they are suitable for intensive use. In both cases, there are different models and materials (metal, aluminum or wood) and integrated pedestrian doors, windows or grilles can be installed to adapt to the aesthetics of the façade. In any case, it is always necessary to receive professional advice as it allows for personalized adaptation in each case. both technical advice and our budgets are free, and you can contact us comfortably through the different means that we provide on Garage Door Service in Sydney.

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