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Recommendations to take care of your garage door

Like any installation, automatic doors, and especially garage doors, must be maintained to maintain a good level of service and improve their longevity. However, by following some tips we can lengthen the useful life of the door and, above all, reduce possible breakdowns. Today we share some recommendations to take care of your Garage Door Service in Sydney.

Do not use the garage door as a pedestrian crossing

One of the main problems is the overuse of these mechanisms to save meters walking, which means adding at least two movements (opening and closing) to each event, which multiplies the number of maneuvers of a door.

We cannot forget that a door is a machine in which different mechanical elements are in friction, generating wear. In the long term it is a sure source of problems, due to the increase in movement.

Clean the area around the door periodically | Garage Door Repair 

The door opening and the spaces around it are well cleaned to facilitate operation.

The reason for this is because the tendency to accumulate dust, leaves, bags or other objects causes jams.

Small animals or insects can also clog the system or accidentally damage its proper function.

Maintain proper equipment lubrication

The use of oil is essential for the elements in friction. With it, chafing systems such as the hinges, the lock, the latch or areas where the motor and the door rotate are not worn out or cause annoying noises.

This advice is also applicable to excess fat, something equally harmful to the durability of the elements. Over time and in contact with dirt or low temperatures, grease becomes caked, solidifying and causing recurrent breakdowns.

Keep the motor and wiring dry | Garage Door Repair 

Although most of the equipment is prepared to work outdoors, the cold and rainy seasons suppose an extra effort for the doors. Moisture affects motors and can lead to a breakdown.

Therefore, a correct waterproofing of any part of the system, to avoid leaks and to keep the joints and the control panels and photocells as dry as possible, because its electrical system could deteriorate and fail.

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