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Are you going to rent a property? 3 tips to make the right choice!

End of year is time to think about change! Whether to live or for your business, take these tips into account to rent an ideal Property Sale.

The perfect pair….

We know that 2022 was a year of several changes in everyone’s routine, so it’s very likely that your property no longer meets all your needs. Take into account the location of the property and how other places in your routine are close or far from it.

Traffic, food, amenities and leisure spaces make all the difference in your quality of life, so these points must be taken into account when deciding whether or not to move to a new address.

Location and size make all the difference!

For both home and apartment and commercial spaces, it’s time to think about the characteristics of the ideal property.

See if the property meets the number of people in your family or employees of your company, if it is close to your work or family members, if it offers leisure options or access to open and ventilated spaces for decompression.

Another trend is properties that offer comfort and practicality both with planned furniture as well as condominiums that offer various equipment and differentials for leisure and convenience in the common area.

Ready to go! Change without boxes!

Furnished or semi-furnished properties are ready to receive new residents. A trend in big city real estate is also coming to Roatan, see the ideal type for you:

Semi-furnished properties: they have a small amount of furniture, usually fitted wardrobes and closets, quite common in more recent apartments. These are properties that add value to the lease and end up being the preference of choice for tenants.

Furnished Property Sale: in addition to custom-designed cupboards and wardrobes, they also have appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, stove, etc. installed on the property. These are options with greater added value in the lease for the owner but which require less investment for those who are renting for the first time.

Furnished and decorated properties: ready to move in! Homes of this type practically eliminate the hassle of a move and usually also have an interior design project.

They are ideal for those who seek comfort in their new address and do not give up a property with style and personality. Furnished properties can be an advantageous and very comfortable option for those who are moving from another city.

Generally, the most popular sizes are 1 and 2 bedrooms, both for families with children and for residents who make the second bedroom a space for a home office.

Whether for your home or business, count on Roatan Buyers Agent Rent to find the ideal. When renting a property you can choose different types of Experienced Roatan Real Estate Agents.

Our 100% digital rental process helps you find the ideal property and sign the contract directly from your cell phone. Sign up on the form to see our rental options.


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