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Audits: What is a limited review?

At aaa-cas we have been providing audit services to companies for a good number of years, we are characterized by our personalized service to each of the companies.

Our basic principle is to understand that there is no single solution for all company problems, but rather that each company is different and therefore will require treatment and solutions different from those of the rest. This means that we adapt to the exclusive demands of your company, instead of having a general action plan for all of them.

We have a series of values ​​and principles within our audits that give us reliability and are a guarantee of quality.

Audit requirements and different modalities

Current audits require a large number of legal premises that are applied to your financial statements, increasingly complex and exhaustive. Shareholders increasingly request a greater amount of information about the accounting and financial statements of the company, therefore the audit requires a very laborious field work, work that we at Aaa-cas do for you and your company.

Among the services we offer you are account audits, limited reviews and work with independent experts.

Aspects of a Limited Review

The so-called limited review is a kind of examination of the financial statements of the legal and accounting company, in which a certain number of processes are applied, which will allow the professional to provide information on whether there are relevant departures with respect to the practices and correct accounting regulations and other types of facts that come to its knowledge that may significantly affect the financial statements.

The procedure of this review is carried out by asking questions to the highest representatives of the company and also performing some analytical and review processes. It is about doing all this with the greatest possible precision, that is, without any type of error.

The things that we do not include in a limited review range from studying and evaluating the Internal Audit and control system reviews in Dubai, testing the different financial statements of your business or corroborating the questions that are asked during this review process.

The process ends with a report that we issue from the audit, a report that is expressed clearly so that it can be understood by anyone interested in it.


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