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Knowing the common CONSTRUCTION MISTAKES in construction will allow you to reduce important costs, especially if it is the first time that you experience a process like this in your home.

successful construction procedure requires a lot of planning, monitoring and control. Not only the progress of the work, but other important aspects such as its materials or finishes.

Although it must also be said that sticking to a budget is essential for everything to run satisfactorily. Or so that you avoid unnecessary debt.

Therefore, we invite you to know the main practices that could be committed during a remodeling or construction work, which will affect both your pocket and the final result.


Avoiding mistakes in construction is entirely possible. Let’s say that the starting point is to hire a specialized construction activities team, but even so there are certain recommendations that you should follow without thinking.

That is why we would like you to read this article to the end. Today we will tell you what are the common mistakes in construction and how you can avoid them .

Additionally, you will know some useful and relevant tips to build a house successfully.

We assure you that this reading will be completely valuable and interesting for you. Especially if you have decided to expand, reform or build from scratch soon.


  1. Do not consult with professionals in this field:

Before starting any construction work it is imperative that you contact an Architect specialized in the area.

Believe us, this will save you complications in the future, and above all, it will save you money in the long run.

The reason is simple: experts, or Architects who have an irrefutable reputation, know how to work effectively, ethically and professionally .

This means that they will not incur design flaws, nor will they make common construction mistakes that will end up damaging you in the short, medium and long term.

Importance of consulting an expert

When you consult a good work team, you make sure to put construction errors aside.

This is due to the fact that professionals in Architecture and Design are dedicated to planning the work with great caution and precision. That is:

  • They define a strategy and plan each process or detail inherent to the work.
  • They are aware of each and every knowledge of the work.
  • They are able to anticipate certain events or situations during the construction process. This will cut down on work times and help you stay within your budget.
  • They will carry out process optimization tasks , as well as monitoring and control to ensure that everything is being carried out satisfactorily
  1. Request the construction of a work without permission:

Believe it or not, there are people willing to get involved with construction works without permission .

This type of work will not only cause you many architectural problems , but could put your life in danger at some point.

Clandestine works are often full of irregularities since they are carried out illegally.

In other words: they are works that do not have the consent of the neighbors, and that have not been notified to the competent bodies .

So in some countries these homes could be legally destroyed , as long as the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement.

  1. Make decisions based on improvisation:

Improvisation is one of the common mistakes in construction. Without a doubt, this represents one of the most damaging .

There is no way for a work to be successful if it does not have the required technical documentation .

In addition, it is unacceptable that during an architectural or design process there are improvisations, since this:

  • Minimize good results.
  • Encourage cost overruns.
  • It generates great discomfort in the owners.
  1. Use poor quality materials:

It is no secret to anyone that good quality materials are more expensive. But the truth is that they represent a long-term investment .

The most advisable thing is that you consult a professional on the type of materials to choose so that you do not make the wrong decisions.

Remember that it is not about wasting money, but about investing it wisely in parts, materials, or coatings that meet the characteristics of durability and quality.

In addition, you must ensure that they are friendly with the environment. Especially if you respect the principles of sustainable architecture.

And it is that bio-construction is the key to the future, since it uses materials that have a minimal impact on the natural environment.

  1. Not meeting the established goals and times:

During the initial phase of the process, that is, during the planning of the work , concrete goals and specific times are established.

However, fuzzy goal setting is another common construction mistake.

Its effects are very counterproductive since there are many variables at play that can get out of control if the work is not done professionally.

In short, the project must be very well defined , which implies that the team in charge:

Set construction times:

You must define how long the work will take. Will it be 6 months? 1 year? What is the estimated real duration?

You must also agree to adhere to these deadlines to avoid unnecessary surcharges and inconvenience.

Guarantee quality in project execution:

The most advisable thing is that you investigate thoroughly the company with which you want to work. Find out the following:

  • Is trustworthy?
  • Do you have a good reputation?
  • Do your customers recommend it?
  • Are your works of quality?

 Not setting an initial budget:

Another common construction mistake is not setting an initial budget. This is equivalent to incurring debts that will hinder the entire process and cause you inconvenience in the future.

In case you do not know how much you can or should spend during the remodeling, comprehensive reform, or construction of your home, we suggest you contact an expert.

Present your ideas to him, explain what you would like to do or achieve with this new work. And ask him to help you define costs and expenses to know how much money you should invest.

That way you will determine the viability and feasibility of the project based on your own finances. Which will prevent you from creating false expectations about it.

However, you should know that in some cases the budgets can be exceeded by a small margin. But if you have professional advice, everything will be controlled .


  1. Work with a company specialized in Design and Construction

At this point we would like to recommend you to Abdul Rimaaz, since their team will offer you first-class service, will attend to your questions or requirements and will guarantee you a great job.

When you hire experts you are making sure that everything runs successfully because risks are minimized and results are maximized, which is 100% favorable.

For this reason, we invite you to get in touch with specialists in Design or Architecture to avoid common mistakes in construction that end up dramatically damaging you.

  1. Do not buy materials of dubious origin

It is possible to get good materials on the market that will not cost you a fortune and that will fulfill their functions perfectly .

Remember that today’s savings can become tomorrow’s expenses. So you should not sacrifice qualities such as durability or resistance, when choosing your construction materials.

  1. Comply with legal procedures

Your work team must carry out the pertinent procedures to start a construction process.

For example, you must present the project in town planning , or in the competent bodies so that the process is efficient.

Likewise, we recommend that you be aware that this is fulfilled to avoid serious problems in the future .

  1. Planning is the key

Planning involves knowing the work, contacting experts, setting a budget, making calculations, or respecting construction goals and times.

So, don’t hesitate to organize and plan even the smallest details of your reform or construction. Otherwise, you will end up wasting time and money.


 Build instead of buy

Did you know that by building from scratch you could save up to 30% money? The idea is that you work together with a recognized company in the sector to avoid common mistakes in construction and to achieve the expected results.

This involves planning, evaluating construction proposals and alternatives, defining a budget, analyzing which materials are best for you and much more.

  1. Study the place or terrain

  • What is the type of soil?
  • Do you know the topography of the place?
  • Will you have access to basic services such as water or electricity in that neighborhood?
  • What is the land use classification?

Answering those questions will help you determine if the land is suitable for construction or not, and this is something that will save you countless headaches tomorrow.

  1. Work on the design of your flat or home

We know that this task will be carried out by the Architect of the work, but you should also get involved so that your home has the look or feel you want.

Do not be afraid to give your opinions , or express your tastes and preferences. In the end, both you and the other members of your family will inhabit those spaces, and therefore, they should be placid and pleasant.

It goes without saying that the design of your home plays a crucial role in the entire process, and that you should not underestimate its importance under any pretext or circumstance.

  1. Make decisions and solve problems

Another great tip that we can give you to build a house successfully is that you learn to make timely decisions (at the right time).

In other words, do not procrastinate solving simple problems-for pare can-, as this will keep your project in order and everything will be well planned.

In parallel, it is valid to remind yourself that you need to be flexible if some situations become very demanding.

This can happen a couple of times and it does not mean that you are doing it wrong, but that there are random events capable of altering delivery times, or your budget by a small margin.

If this happens you should not be discouraged, because you will only have to make a few adjustments so that everything returns to normal.

 Work with professionals

Once again, success lies in working with professionals in Design and Construction. Do not take unnecessary risks when accepting proposals from a company that does not guarantee quality work.

In addition, experts know common construction mistakes and know how to avoid them, which is synonymous with professionalism, seriousness and excellence.



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