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What do I need to be a good business consultant?

business consultant can be a good option for your professional development. It is estimated that around 200,000 consultants work in this sector in United Kingdom and it moves a turnover of close to 13,000 million Euros. It is not surprising that the best students in our universities are recruited by consultants to work in their companies. However, it is a demanding profession, physically and intellectually, for which a high qualification and special personal skills are required for which you will need to prepare.

Why are consultants needed right now?

Most experts agree that the UK business fabric needs to increase its competitiveness, productivity and initiate an intense internationalization process that diversifies its market. Facing these challenges means a profound change in their business models and processes, in the way they operate, in the way they do things; It means betting on innovation and the talent of its professionals.

To achieve this transformation, the company needs to approach change following a method that ensures success, fresh ideas to do things in a different way, new knowledge to adapt its business to the new market reality, impartiality in the analysis of its starting situation and reflect on your business approach. All this is what an external consultant offers you, since they bring experience and specialized knowledge to your company and, most importantly, an approach that, at times, cannot be found within the organization due to their involvement with the current way of doing things. .

If you have detected this need, especially important in these moments of crisis, you will have seen an opportunity for professional development in this field. If you have just finished your degree or are an experienced professional, this profession will give you the opportunity to put your knowledge at the service of companies.

What is the profile of a consultant?

A consultant is a professional who offers expert advice and advises companies in a certain area, so their specialization is usually high. It is a generally well-paid but demanding profession. Being a consultant has very high requirements both in terms of training, knowledge and skills, as well as personal skills, relationships and communication with others.

The good consultant, in addition to the capacity, expertise and technical knowledge, which we have discussed so much, must have the following qualities, among others:

  • Ability to Listen: Only in this way can you understand the situation and specificity of each company and the keys to addressing the problem. This ability must go beyond serving who hires him, he must be able to understand all business agents: workers, suppliers, customers and even competition.
  • Flexible and Patient: The consultant must develop his work involving the key members of the organization but without altering the day-to-day of his functions and responsibilities. You must achieve your objectives and carry out your analyzes adapting to the dynamics of the business and the client, but respecting the defined work plan.
  • Objective and impartial: The consultant must analyze the situation, extracting any value judgment and suggest all possible solutions. Its mission is to carry out an objective analysis, from a position of independence, and detect the most viable solutions, avoiding value judgments or biases during the process.
  • Analytical: The consultant must be able to obtain analytical information that supports their proposals, researching, generating and relating different data and decision elements in order to build feasible and rationally supported alternatives.
  • It has to be able to identify the essential functional areas of the business, what are its processes, importance and way of relating.
  • Generator of alternatives: This is a fundamental quality in the consultant, the client expects him to offer valid alternatives for his company and his environment. These alternatives must be innovative, useful, practical and concrete, with a clear justification of their genesis and their feasibility and suitability.
  • Communicator: A consultant has to be able to speak and be able to make himself understood. It is the only way to get your views understood and accepted by the client organization.
  • Organized and methodical: The consultant must be able to manage a project as a whole or the activity that has been entrusted to him, organizing his tasks or those of a team of people to achieve his objective. That is why you have to be able to break down work into phases, activities, tasks and steps, establish the necessary deadlines and resources, and properly distribute responsibilities. Time management is critical to your performance.

What training do I need?

To work as an Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant, firms in the sector generally require specialized construction activities, which can sometimes be supplemented with extensive professional experience in your specialty. But all that is not enough, since beyond the specific knowledge and technical expertise, you must acquire the qualities and skills that we have explained.

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