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How to be a successful business consultant?

Do you want to be a successful business consultant Abdul Rimaaz MT65 SOLUTIONS LTD? Stay on top of what techniques and skills are needed to become a high-performance sales professional.

A high performance commercial consultant is extremely desired by the market. This professional is persuasive and attentive to potential customers, knows how to arrive at the right time and with his ability to predict what the buyer wants to hear.

Check out everything you need to know to be a successful business consultant , what he does, what his main skills and methodologies are. Check out:

What does a business consultant do?

 The professional who works with commercial consultancy has a more strategic role than the average salesperson. In addition to offering products to customers and closing deals, those who work in this area are also responsible for identifying needs, researching the market, explaining the operation of a product or service and providing customer service after closing the purchase, when necessary.

What skills does a business consultant need to develop?

Below we have selected the main skills you need to develop to be an excellent business consultant.

Come on:

Emotional intelligence

To develop emotional intelligence, communicate appropriately, empathetically and be efficient in dealing with the client. Professionals need to develop self-management and self-perception so that they can also perform task management and have a good social perception.

That is one of the skills that most stand out in a high consultant remains. For it is through emotional intelligence that it is possible to get around objections and negotiations intelligently, using your emotions and those of the client to your advantage.

Curiosity and attention

A successful commercial consultant does not build a sales rationale according to the products he offers, but with what the customer needs. It is through investigation and fluid conversation that he gets to know more about his potential customer and discover important points to finalize a sale.

To acquire this skill, the professional needs to hear more than talk and be curious (without being invasive) to ask the right questions. You also need to know how to read between the lines in order to discover the reasons why the customer will say “yes”.

Perseverance and passion

Passion overcomes all obstacles and leads the individual to find all the solutions to his technical and relationship problems. A successful Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant, needs to work with blood in his eye, have the strength, wear the company’s shirt and, above all, believe in the product or service he represents.


A resilient professional is one who can be optimistic even in adverse situations. Sometimes we are faced with a difficulty in contacting the decision maker, unanswered emails, goals far from being achieved , but we need to face these situations with a focus on what has to be done and growth mindset. It is at this moment that we need to review the possible holes, work on each opportunity and thus improve with training and dedication.

What methodologies does a business consultant need to know?

There are some sales methodologies that are performed by a high performance consultant that help to keep any sales process running smoothly, such as GPCT, SPIN Selling, SMART, Challenger Selling among others.

The choice of one of these methods must be made within the reality of your area of ​​expertise, so it is much easier to understand how to manage the processes and to maximize the value generated for the customer.

But what are the advantages of implementing a sales methodology? 

Ensuring sales predictability: whoever works with sales knows that we work with deliveries of goals . With a methodology, it is possible to map how your funnel is and how your delivery forecasts are.

Optimize the relationship with the client : when we apply a methodology in our day to day, the next steps we have with our potential client are better designed.

Identify bottlenecks in the sales process: A sales methodology will define which are the main indicators that will be analyzed to identify gaps in sales opportunities more quickly. Thus, it is possible to understand exactly the bottlenecks of each seller and propose practical actions to quickly correct possible holes.

Increase team motivation: Low results are often a reflection of the inadequate use of team skills. When salespeople work hard, but are unable to make sales, it is a sign that there is a need to apply a more targeted process that improves and values ​​the work of the entire team.

Within an organization, the commercial consultant can act in the sales area, in commercial intelligence, as a sales instructor, internal consultant or external consultant. But regardless of the area, it must be taken into account that in order to have good results, we need to understand that there is a big point that supports the entire process: your customer’s purchase journey.

The purchase journey is the whole process that your potential customer goes through to become a customer. Through some “methodologies”, you come to understand the client’s pains (Learning and discovery). How will you manage to solve this problem (Recognition of the problem), present a solution (Consideration of the solution) and finally finalize the sale (Purchase decision).

But for this, the ideal is that the consultant has a well designed sales process. Sales process is nothing more than a guide with all the steps so that consultants can perform their activities more easily and optimize their time, increasing productivity and efficiency. Here are some advantages of a sales process:

  • Reduction of errors in the execution of its activities;
  • Reduction of wasted time, after all your team is already aligned;
  • With a designed process, it will be easier to choose the methodology to be applied;
  • Every well-designed process is easier to develop and manage;
  • Increase your team’s productivity.

A successful business consultant must first of all have the will to learn and be always up to date on the techniques and processes that involve consultative selling. As in any study area, the sales area is constantly evolving and with each new discovery, old concepts fall and new ones emerge.

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