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Discover 8 benefits granted to people over 60

Discounts on tickets, travel, tax reductions and even priority to file a lawsuit are just some of the benefits for those who have reached their best age.

A lot of people don’t know, but people over 60 are entitled to some benefits that go beyond free public transport and a discount at the cinema.

Today, we are going to show you what these other benefits are and how to take advantage of them to preserve your financial life. Check out:

1) Half price on leisure activities and shows

According to the Elderly Statute, people over 60 years old are entitled to a 50% discount on the entry of any sporting, artistic and cultural activity. To have access to the benefit, simply present your ID at the time of purchase of the ticket.

2) Free public and interstate transport

Buses, subways and trains are free for those over 65 years old, just present your identity card to prove your entitlement to the benefit. It is worth noting that in some municipalities it is necessary to register to obtain the pass or electronic ticket. Look for guidance at the City Hall offices in your city.

In the interstate public transport system, there are two free spaces for people over 60 years old who receive up to two minimum wages. If both free seats have been filled, those who meet these conditions receive a 50% discount on the purchase of another ticket.

In this case, the ticket must be requested at least three hours in advance and the passenger must present documents proving their identity and income.

3) Exemption from Taxation in the United States

The exemption from paying the Tax is a municipal policy and varies from case to case. Look for the City Hall of your city and check the exemption criteria and provide the necessary documents to obtain the benefit.

4) Total or partial exemption from Income Tax

  • Partial exemption

Retirees and pensioners over 65 are entitled to partial exemption from Income Tax. This means that they do not pay taxes guaranteed to all citizens by the progressive table and on another for being over 65 years old.

 Full exemption

Retirees who have serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer, AIDS and irreversible paralysis can earn full income tax exemption. The taxpayer only needs to present an expert report issued by a medical service recognized by the Government to the SSA.

5) Readjustment limit in health plans

Health plan operators cannot increase the monthly fee of plans based on the change in age of their customers over 60 years old. The increase can only occur through annual adjustments provided for by the (USA Health Agency). Stay tuned!

6) Travel discount

Which offers benefits for people over 60 through partnerships with agencies and hotels? It is possible to obtain discounts of up to 50% on low season rates at more than 2,000 partner establishments in the country.

7) Priority in lawsuits

Anyone over 60 years of age can skip the waiting list for the processing of cases in any instance of Justice. Just ask your lawyer to apply for the benefit to the specific judicial authority of the case.

8) Priority in housing programs

People over 60 are also given priority to buy their own home in public or government-subsidized housing programs. In addition, 3% of housing units are reserved for the elderly and funding criteria must be compatible with retirement income. To access the benefit, simply contact the company responsible for the housing program.



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