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How to create an investment plan for 2022

First steps must have the help of consultants and respect your financial profile

Investments, the stock market, fees… Of course, all this jargon is frightening. But, if you start calmly and focus on the basics, besides, of course, relying on the advice of serious companies, the chance of making good investments increases.

We at John Labunski have summarized three basic tips for those who want to set up their first investment plan in 2022. Good luck!

Be conservative and focus on fixed income investments

One of the most balanced and safe ways to enter the world of investments is from fixed income.

The concept of fixed income has already been discussed here  in our Financial Planning section , but it is worth remembering: it is one in which your income is already pre-fixed by the portfolio administrator, which may be, including the government itself.

As examples of fixed income investments we have Savings, Direct Treasury and Government Real Estate Securities. All of them are offered by retail banks, including online, directly in your account application.

Or, have a balanced portfolio between fixed and variable

Those who already have some experience may want to dare a little more and invest part of their equity in variable income operations, such as shares, on the stock exchange.

In this scenario, two reminders: do not commit all your capital to variable income, as the risk is greater. And, of course, look for a serious administrator with a proven structure to help coordinate this investment.

Trading worth it?

A “fad” or something worth keeping an eye on? The day trading class is connected 100% of the time on online platforms that perform hundreds of operations per second.

The promise of aggressive gains mainly attracts the boldest but, as a reminder, the risk is very high. The tip here remains the same: keep an eye on the operator’s portfolio and its reputation in the market.

Setting up an investment plan start by deciding what profile you want to follow. And there’s nothing new about it: the more conservative, the closer to fixed income you will be. More than that, try not to get caught up in the promise of exorbitant earnings. Money comes from work and making it pay off is something that should always be thought of in the long term!

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