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Embroidery, the most sophisticated stamping method

Here on the embroidery-gulf.com blog we have already talked about different types of prints that can be used to improve the appearance of your pieces and give it an exclusive tone. Today we will talk about another type of print, a type that, among all the others discussed so far, is probably the one that brings the best finish, the embroidery services in Dubai.

But what is embroidery? Embroidery is the technique that uses the combination of needles and threads to build shapes and designs in another material, usually a fabric.

For a long time, embroidering was a manual activity, which depended on the creativity and techniques employed by the seamstress who mastered the art of embroidery. However, with the advancement of technology, ultra-modern embroidery machines gained the market and allowed the same manual quality, but on a larger scale and in less time.

Embroidery Applications

With each passing year, embroidery gains more attention in the fashion world, its versatility allows for increasingly elaborate and creative applications.

Emblems on soccer jerseys or any other sport, simple and complex designs in more than one color, inspiring phrases are just some of the ideas that can be practiced thanks to embroidery.

How does the embroidery process work?

Embroidery is the process of stamping the design or logo through a computerized industrial embroidery machine with 8 or 16 heads, using needles and embroidery threads to perform the service directly on the fabric or knit.

First, an embroidery programming professional produces an embroidery file based on the design that the customer sent, which is nothing more than the embroidery matrix.

This embroidery matrix is ​​where all the coordinates of the colors and directions of the embroidery stitches will be recorded for the embroidery machine to perform the service, that is, it is basically the preparation of the programming of how the machine will embroider. After this preparation, the embroidery program and the fabric are placed in the machine to perform the embroidery.

The most relevant criteria for making a quote are: size of the art to be stamped and its degree of filling, the greater the filling, the more thread is used and the more stitches are given by the machine.

Advantages of embroidery

Embroidery is an excellent technique for you who want a differentiated print not only by design. Below we present the main advantages of using this technique in your pieces.

Delicacy and elegance

Using lines of different colors intertwined in other fabrics brings a level of finishing superior to any other type of print, in addition to giving a feeling of delicacy and refined finish.

Perfect for small prints

Embroidery, even if small, has the power to draw people’s attention and convey more professionalism and credibility. Brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and other giants in the textile market use and abuse this technique.

Application versatility

Unlike other printing techniques, embroidery is more versatile and can be applied to different types of fabric such as jeans and also to a wide variety of products such as caps, t-shirts, hats, t-shirts, polo shirts and visors.


Time Hand embroidery takes days to complete, with the computerized embroidery machine embroidery takes 10 minutes. In addition, there is no variation of the same design in different pieces, something that often happens in manual embroidery.

Durability – embroidery services in Dubai

The durability offered by embroidery is also different. With some basic care in washing, embroidery remains like new for a long time.


As you can see, embroidery offers a different type of print if compared to other types of Uniform Printing Dubai. For more information, choose one of the products on our website and request a quote. If you prefer, you can also get in touch here.

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