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Laptop and MacBook Motherboard Repair: When to Run?

When it comes to motherboard repair for notebooks and MacBook Repair, you may have read or heard different opinions out there.

Especially when your equipment experiences a board problem at an unexpected time , it is difficult to choose between repairing and buying a new one , since the most common thing to think about is to ask for a (notebook) motherboard or logic board to be repaired. (From MacBook) can be a risky investment.

So, today we are going to demystify this subject, talking a little about the repair of this component.

What is the motherboard and what are the most common problems?

First, it’s important to say that the motherboard (or logic) is the heart of your computer. Thus, from its commands and circuits in full operation, all actions can be performed normally.

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Therefore, if any of your circuits stop responding or send information correctly, there is a good chance that your notebook or MacBook will have problems.

Among the most common problems resulting from a motherboard or logic defect we have:

  • Equipment does not turn on;
  • Machine turns on but the system cannot find the hard disk;
  • Device turns on but cannot find the processor.

Why do motherboard problems happen and how do you know when component repair is worth it?

When looking more closely at what can cause motherboard problems, we mainly highlight the lack of cleaning and preventive maintenance.

In other words, when we stop doing the periodic check-up of the heart, we make room for impurities to accumulate and new problems to arise. Therefore, we must never fail to do so.

The good health of your equipment’s motherboard or logic board prevents:

  • Unexpected crashes;
  • overheats;
  • Partial component loss;
  • Total component loss.

However, here a common question may arise in the minds of many people: “how do I know if the plate repair will be worth it for my machine?” and the best answer we have for that is: talk to the specialized assistance you trust.

At Quik Fix Technologies, for example, we received several cases to give a second opinion on the possibility of repair and we delivered the machine with the problem solved. And this happens because, from an in-depth analysis , we realize that often they are cases of circuit resolder or very punctual exchanges , which can be done quickly.

In addition, another factor that can pay off a lot is the savings made between board repair and complete component replacement. In some newer MacBook models, for example , this index can represent 70% less investment.

Are there some notebook and MacBook models that are the most received by Quik Fix Technologies when it comes to Motherboard repair?

Thus, we are quite familiar with this type of service, prioritizing detailed analysis and problem solving in a timely manner within your routine. In fact, everything is done with a 90-day warranty, which does not cover misuse.

Also, in the case of these specific models, we may see a recurrence of searches for our services after the machine has experienced a power outage and is unable to turn on or the screen turns on and is dimly lit.

Cases like these, for example, are those subject to Resolder or component replacement when necessary. And our certified technicians are ready to help you identify the problem and resolve it promptly.

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