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How to wear a long dress? Learn to assemble different looks!

The long dress is an almost mandatory piece of clothing in every woman’s closet, as it conveys femininity, style and looks good on any occasion. Whether for everyday use or for that more elaborate production, the piece fulfills the role of bringing elegance and good taste to compose a modern look.

Due to the duality of the piece, which transits between casual and social, many women still have many doubts about how to wear the long according to the occasion, afraid of looking too sophisticated or even exaggerated.

With that in mind, we decided to bring you some important tips for you to take to life! In today’s post, you will learn what to wear with a long dress, the ideal length, combinations and much more.

Are you curious to create more varied bossa looks with the long one? So, read on and enjoy our tips!

After all, how to wear the long dress in different looks?

You can’t go around wearing clothes anyway, can you? Especially the long dress, which can sin in small details that compromise the whole look. Check out the tips from Alif Bazaar to wear this type of dress with elegance and comfort:

Choose the perfect length

One of the biggest doubts about the long dress is in relation to the length. In this case, the ideal is that it does not look like the Midi dress, presenting a length that is below the ankle. A tip is to choose a model that covers half of the foot, leaving only the little toes out, but this rule does not need to apply to a more unpretentious look.

For more “dressed up” looks, look for long lengths that have a longer hem, so they can also be worn with heels without looking like it’s too short to the point of being inelegant. As for the more casual occasions, a shorter length – look at that pleonasm – is even stylish and can give personality to the look.

Create comfortable casual looks

For those who want a look for everyday life, you should opt for light and fluid modeling to compose a more stripped and stylish production. The loose modeling suits very well the moments of relaxation.

The colors and prints of this type of dress match even more with casual style. Explore these options and create a comfortable and stylish look to wear throughout the week. The fabric makes room for many interesting combinations.

Have you ever heard of the scarf dress ? He is a great example of how fashion is reinventing itself and creating comfortable pieces full of personality. Visit our post on the subject to understand better.

Or invest with a formal look

At times when you want to pass on glamour, such as weddings and graduations, it is better to opt for structured pieces, with refined and elaborate fabrics. Check out some elegant and comfortable fabric options for your long dress:

  • Silk;
  • Satin;
  • Income;

In this case, it is interesting to opt for plain pieces, without prints, with slits and in modern colors to create an elegant production. Details such as ruffles, ties and necklines can be explored to make the look even more stylish.

Versatile looks for all occasions

For a flexible look, the kind you can go for a walk with friends or go to a more sophisticated dinner, it’s cool to bet on pieces with neutral and timeless colors.

Thus, it is possible to use strategic accessories and shoes to finish the look and shape the way you prefer. The long dress is a super democratic piece and, combined with the accessories of the look, has the potential to create a charming and extremely versatile look.

What to wear with a long dress?

The shoe to wear with the long depends a lot on the style of the event you will be attending. The long dress goes well with many types of shoes, but not exactly all. See the options that Alif Bazaar has prepared to help you with the combinations:

Long dress with sneakers

This is a choice for those who love a modern and stylish look. In this case, the best bet is the more casual fabrics, such as mesh, to ensure that the unpretentious mood of the sneakers matches the outfit.

Woman in dress and tennis – women’s western wear in Dubai

The slits are super welcome with the sneakers, as they give a touch of sensuality even with the carefree style . Remember that it’s the small details that make the difference in the look, invest in them and be surprised by the results!

Long dress with flat sandals

This is an option for those who love a natural and light look. Perfect for a sunny day, when you want to be stylish and at the same time comfortable. Remember to observe the length of the dress to not let the hem drag on the floor. So you preserve your dress and ensure the beauty in the look.

Woman in long dress and flats

Long dress with heels

The long dress with heels combination is dedicated especially for parties. The composition implies an elegant and very sophisticated production, and is widely used at weddings and graduations. High heels value feminine beauty and add to the look with elegance and beauty.

Woman in long dress and heels

Why wear a long dress?

There are occasions that call for a more elaborate, structured and detailed dress as a dress code. Just as there are occasions that ask for something basic, without much detail. If there’s a piece that meets these two event profiles, it’s the long dress, which easily fits into a chic or casual look.

This multifunctionality is the main reason to have a long one in the closet. This makes you a woman prepared for whatever comes and comes, and any unforeseen becomes a problem solved – imagine, an unexpected event arises that requires you to be well dressed and you don’t have anything suitable to compose the look?

In that case, you could easily wear a longer length dress to give the impression of sophistication. You can already see how amazing this piece is, right? Use the tips from Balcony and create super elegant looks with the long dress!

Handmade pieces can also help you in this mission, they have a unique personality and a quality that impresses in the look. Want to know some options? So go to our post about and check it out, see you there shop western products in Dubai!


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