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Financial Advisor: Why Does Your Business Need It?

The Financial Advisor is the person who can support your company in creating the strategies that make it solid and competitive.

As an entrepreneur, you are aware that the market requires strong specializations from companies. This is an obstacle that small and medium-sized enterprises must be able to face.

The Independent Financial Advisor can chart a course and manage the troubled and multiple relationships with banks, without ever losing sight of the business objectives.

From the management of receipts and payments, to financing requests, to support the development of your business: you need a specialized professional.

If you want to deal with the possible risks that lurk in the financial management of your company and you are still undecided, I’ll explain how and why you need a Financial Advisor.

Who is the Independent Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor is not a promoter, nor a seller or a financial intermediary. Do not confuse it with other figures operating in the financial sector such as the private banker or the broker . He is a professional who advises you on the best solutions:

  • Investments
  • Social security
  • Request and management of loans or mortgages
  • Financial management, understood as treasury and derivative products.

The Independent Financial Advisor moves independently without ties to banks or insurance companies. With transparency, it helps and supports you in planning, and in financial choices. You can take advantage of its services on a single project or continuously.

So, what doesn’t the Independent Financial Advisor do?

It will not try to sell you financial products.

It doesn’t have access to your assets, but it helps you evaluate better financial choices.

He does not receive external compensation from banks or insurance companies, he works only for your interest.

The Independent Financial Advisor is not a cost, but an investment

The Independent Financial Advisor works on a fee . He is a professional like your accountant, a notary or your lawyer. So, you know in advance how much you will have to invest for its performance. For sure, you will spend less than the advisory service offered by your bank, as it is free of ulterior motives.

In fact, the advisory service offered by the bank is never free. Do you know why? Because your bank does not offer you a consultancy service, but a “promotion” service aimed at a product. The costs associated with the proposed products are often omitted or partially explained.

Imagine: Would you ask the owner of a house for sale if it is worth buying at that price? What could he answer you?

Here, we understand each other. The bank never moves to meet your company’s interests. Sure, he doesn’t row against you, but his interests come first.

The Independent Financial Consultant is a full-fledged professional . He has an in-depth knowledge of financial issues and accompanies you by acting as a filter. In this way your interests are protected and valued.

To make yourself better understood: Imagine financial advice not as a sale, but as an intellectual performance.

The Independent Financial Advisor works in complete absence of conflict of interest. It is perfectly aligned with you. Monitors all your financial activities, supports you and aims to get you the best market conditions.

But that’s not all. The Independent Financial Advisor can do a lot more for you. Let’s see it together.

What does financial advisor do for your company?

The duties of the Independent Financial Advisor cover various aspects that affect the economic resources of your company:

Check the costs and conditions applied by banks on company current accounts. Having a professional who talks to the bank is an invaluable economic advantage, because the impact of financial charges erodes the company’s margins.

Calculate the total effective cost of services such as advance invoices, overdrafts, SBF, etc., by comparing the proposals offered by the banks.

Analyzes mortgage, leasing and financing agreements, monitoring and evaluating corporate debt as interest rates change. He knows what the questions to ask are to protect the company and looks for suitable solutions to avoid market variations.

It studies and analyzes contracts derived from hedging the risk of interest rates, currencies and commodities, searching for the most effective solutions.

He deals with the analysis and management with the risk center of the Bank of Italy. It communicates with the bank, supports credit requests with strategies to improve it and maximizes the effects of the guarantees.

It carries out appraisals for compound interest, usurious rates and any bank disputes.

Check the fairness, rates and costs of guarantees required by banks.

Optimize the management of corporate liquidity and treasuries.

It offers advice to identify the most advantageous solutions for the retirement provision of business owners.

It manages and proposes optimized solutions in the case of employee severance indemnity or end-of-term indemnity for directors. It offers the necessary support with Financial Intermediaries.

Financial advisor requirements: what professional guarantees can he offer you?

The choice to operate in total independence is already a guarantee of transparency that allows you to place trust in your independent financial advisor. As already mentioned, it is not tied to any bank, insurance company, etc.

He is a specialized professional, with considerable theoretical and field training. He attended Masters and specialization courses. Furthermore, it adheres to the category register by taking a specific exam under the control of Consob. It uses updated software and relies on independent companies for all sector updates. A further guarantee derives from the subscription of a compulsory insurance, which the Financial Advisor adheres to to protect himself in the event of professional civil liability.

As an entrepreneur you have the experience to understand the effectiveness of clear and independent information. Know the need to obtain objective and understandable results. Your Financial Advisor can guarantee you all of this.

Financial Advisor: Seek the benefits of independent financial advice

It is now clear how the figure of the independent consultant, or independent financial consultant, can contribute to optimizing the financial management of your company.

Verification of contractual conditions with credit institutions is increasingly complex and chaotic. It must be managed in a clear and simple way, as well as be monitored over time. It is essential for your company to rely on a specialized professional. It allows you to detect the cost that the company incurs for the credit used and offers you the expertise to obtain the best rating performance.

These and other issues can be solved by an independent financial advisor:

You have a professional who accompanies you by clarifying the often not very clear aspects of the banking contractual conditions;

  • You can unmask inadequate conditions, which can affect the future of your company
  • Make sure you avoid damage that could generate a report from the central credit register;
  • Protects the credibility and future of your business.

The Financial Advisor protects you. Anticipate the risks by adopting effective solutions adapted to the situation.

There are financial activities that require special attention and need time that you don’t have. On the other hand, you are committed to enhancing your company’s sales strategies. So now you can turn these costly activities into economic benefits. You can get results that only an Independent Financial Advisor can guarantee you.

Have you ever thought of getting information, and deepening the possibility of a profitable collaboration, with a financial advisor?

Visit the page dedicated to financial services for companies.

If you have any questions or concerns,   contact me through the form . I will be happy to clear all your doubts.

Give me the opportunity to show you, with facts, the advantages that my financial consulting activity can have on your company.

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