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What is the role and cost of a business consultant?

Widely known now, the term business consultant seems to be present in everyone’s mouths during business meetings and on the web. English word to designate “advice to companies”, consulting remains for many bosses, an obscure world and supposedly inaccessible. Let’s remedy this by going around the question: consulting, what is it.


Consulting is, as we mentioned in the introduction, advice. The principle is therefore, for a company, to seek the external expertise of a consultant or advisor, an experienced professional, sometimes a former manager, often a former manager, with a Bac + 5 level (business school, engineering school or university ) with specific skills to improve the performance of his company, or set up a mission.

To do this, the consulting mission generally takes place in several stages:

  • Prior analysis
  • Specific recommendations
  • Support or management of the change induced by the recommendations
  • Reporting to report the results of the consultancy mission
  • Consulting: a wide variety of fields


While consulting aims to improve performance, consulting assignments can relate to a wide variety of areas and consultants are generally specialized in a particular area of ​​expertise:

  • Financial audit
  • Inventory management
  • Information system
  • Human resources
  • Recruitment
  • Assistance for project management
  • Process audit

In short, for each problem encountered by an entrepreneur, there is an area of ​​expertise opposite to respond via a consulting mission!


With the recent trend in coaching in all areas, many advisers call themselves coaches; and conversely, faced with the credit granted to consultants, many coaches claim to be advisers! However, the two trades do not have much to do with each other, do not rely on the same methods or the same principles and do not deal with the same problems.

The coach, to begin with, supports one or more people while the consultant deals with a company or a section of the company. The coach’s mission is to help the coached to develop solutions on their own, thanks to appropriate support ( see definition of coaching) while the consultant provides solutions and implements them, based on an analysis of the existing situation. Finally, the success of the coach’s mission is difficult to quantify since it relates to people while the consultant’s mission is perfectly quantifiable since it relates to an improvement in the performance of the company!


Finally, let’s draw a line on the myth that only large companies or at least large SMEs can afford the services of an advisor. This is entirely false and today consulting is quite accessible to very small businesses : more and more consultants are moving towards these targets in order to have missions richer in human relations and more rewarding from a point of view. Staff.


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