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Headboard fixed to the wall or with box fitting: which one to choose?

With the emergence of box beds, we have the most varied custom made headboard styles available. Today they are made with different materials, in addition to being customizable. Within this great diversity of models, you can count on two mounting options: the headboard fixed to the wall and the headboard fixed to the shower.

Box beds today are the preferred choice of consumers because they save space and even money. As its structure is the size of a mattress, you have a more compact piece of furniture. In addition, production saves the material that would be used in the bed frame and therefore you have a product with a better cost-benefit ratio.

After purchasing the box bed, you need to think about the custom made headboards. In theory, it is enough to opt for a model that does not weigh in the final value. But there are factors that you need to take into account. Let’s analyze the available options, but first understand a little about the headboard’s features, which will be fundamental in your decision making.

How to choose the headboard?

Wall mounted headboard: The wall mounted headboard fits directly into the wall so that the bed is a separate piece of furniture. That way, if you move the bed, you will need to remove the headboard to install it again.

Headboard fixed in the box: The fitting of this model is directly in the box of the bed. In this way, you have a single piece of furniture and can place it in any environment, that is, it offers the possibility of changing the bed.

Each model has its characteristics, so you will need to analyze your case. Let’s see what you should analyze!


Think, first of all, about the ideal material for your room. There are three main types: wooden, metal and planned. Each one has different characteristics in terms of price, maintenance, assembly and cleaning. The metal bed, specifically iron, offers a few more advantages, as we will see.

The strength of wooden and planned beds will depend on the quality of the wood used. On the other hand, the metal bed is the most resistant of all. In addition, the metal bed is also usually the best value for money because the material is cheaper.

The custom bed a box is usually more expensive and the wooden material raises the price. Regarding maintenance, wood needs special materials and planned furniture needs specialized maintenance. Metal, on the other hand, lowers the price and facilitates maintenance, especially if your headboard is made of iron.

Headboard functions

One of the functions of the headboard is the protection of the wall that usually suffers from scratches and stains. The headboard can even hide other problems, such as leaks and damage to the paint. Another important function of the headboard is that it serves as a backrest. For those who like to sit in bed and read before bed, it is a fundamental item.

There is also the decoration factor because it is much nicer to have a headboard that matches the design of the room. In addition, a headboard ensures that the bed is more fixed, as it can move by itself, depending on its weight. All this is important to think about when deciding between a headboard fixed to the wall or fitted to the box.

  Bed mobility

 If you’re the type of person who moves furniture around frequently, you might want to buy a headboard that fits directly into the shower. Also, depending on the weight of the bed, it is not good to move the furniture frequently. So take this factor into account.


Of course, you will need to clean the headboard and it is important to check the material so that maintenance can be done quickly. Few people use this criterion when purchasing a bed, but it is essential. As we mentioned earlier, we strongly recommend iron headboards as they are also easy to clean.


One of the main factors that weigh in the choice is the mounting. Try to understand how the headboard fitting is made, both the wall fixing models and the bed. Depending on the complexity of the assembly, you will need to have an assembler. In addition to weighing on savings, every time you need to move the bed you will need to take this into account.

Cost benefit

If, when analyzing all the criteria above, you still have doubts, it is interesting to check the values ​​of each model. The most recommended thing is to choose, first, a headboard that is functional and matches your room. Then compare prices and choose a product with a good value for money, as there are options for every budget.

Have you already made your choice?

As box beds have conquered the consumer’s taste, today the sales volume of this product is very large. However, not all people believe that it is necessary to buy the wall headboard, since it is enough to lean the bed against the wall. While this may be a cost-saving strategy, there are headland features that need to be taken into account.

Headboards always generate more comfort and sophistication in your bedroom. With a beautiful design, they add beauty, modernity or a classic tone. In addition, they are quite adaptable and can be fixed at the desired height. Other models have nightstands, shelves or niches for you to store objects such as books.

Therefore, it is always recommended to have a headboard, no matter if it is fixed to the wall or to the bed. It is important for you to analyze your case, whether it is worth making holes in the wall or compacting the headboard into a single piece of furniture. As we said, if you often move furniture around, it may be that your case is to get a headboard fitted to the box. But if you want to have a firmer headboard, it is ideal to fit it to the wall.

In any case, opt for furniture made of excellent material, which adds beauty, durability and good maintenance. Iron headboards are ideal because they are more resistant, have a long life and make cleaning easier. Check out the models we have in our catalog, because you will surely find one that is ideal for your room!

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