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It advisable to open the garage door manually

Today practically all garage doors work through radiofrequency systems or with various access controls. However, garage doors are also provided with manual opening, either by black release handle or key. The reasons? The power could go out, the remote control battery could run out… If that happens, we would have no other option than to open the garage door manually to be able to enter or leave our home.

Will the garage door be damaged if I use the manual mode?

Any model of automatic door is provided with an option to open in manual mode. Now, how many times have we wondered if the door could be damaged by opening it manually?

Obviously, a manual garage door will never be damaged due to forced use of the motor, since it does not have one. However, the same does not happen with motorized garage doors, we can open them manually if the motor is equipped with unlocking devices. But, excessively using the manual opening of a motorized door would entail a long-term risk, mechanical breakdowns in the hydraulic or electromechanical actuator, which would end up shortening the useful life of its components.

Before the installation of any model of motorized door, it is important that we know how to handle it correctly, as well as informing the owners of the spaces, so that they do not misuse it without being aware of it. And remember, above all, the importance of having the door with safety devices that prevent finger pinching, a parachute system in case of cable breakage, electrical disconnection systems, etc. to prevent damage to persons or vehicles.

If we want to use the garage door because the electricity has gone out, there has been an electrical or mechanical fault in the control unit, or in the motor, the first thing we should do is contact the door’s technical maintenance service. to learn about the door motor unlocking mechanisms. And second, read the user manual before manipulating the door manually ourselves.

 Manual opening garage doors

How to open the garage door manually?

We must bear in mind that not all automatic doors open in the same way. However, we want to show you the steps to follow for each type of Garage Door Repairs Sydney:

Swing door

This type of opening is usually one or two leaves and towards the interior or exterior of the house. You will simply have to turn the motor lock key or screw, and unlock the hydraulic or electric door lock in turn. Once this is done, all that remains is to push and move the door. It is a system widely used in individual garages of single-family homes, urbanizations, etc.

Tilting door

Up-and-over doors can be opened in two ways, pushing back or pushing up. It’s as easy as inserting the key and guiding it in the right direction, or using the inside handle.

Sectional door

The sectional garage door can be opened manually by pushing up. Unlocking and manipulating the leaf manually thanks to the unlocking rope or handle that releases the motor.

Sliding door

This type of garage door opens and closes sideways, so you simply have to release the lock or screw of the release handle with a key, and push the leaf to be able to move it. It is also common in independent houses, chalets, etc.

The locking motor or any other tool that allows the garage door to be unlocked for manipulation, must be available in the area of ​​the door and correctly marked; also specifying the instructions for use and safety.

If when unlocking the motor of the door it could not be opened, we must not under any circumstances force it to move, it is likely that some of the elements or components fail and there is a risk for the user, since they would be using their hands for their movement. handling. Preferably, we should contact the corresponding maintenance technician before suffering an accident.

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Avoid breakdowns with good garage door maintenance

The best way to prevent the  garage door from being damaged is by having good maintenance , like the one we offer to all our customers. The fact of following the manufacturer’s recommendations will mean that you do not have to worry about anything; and may your garage door never give you any kind of problem. All the mechanisms and motor of your door will be ready so that they never give you failures.

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