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How to get my site on Google?

“If it’s not on Google, it’s because it doesn’t exist.” This phrase is a joke that has been circulating on the internet for many years, but that doesn’t stop being true. The reality is that search engines are an essential part of user behavior. Without them, people cannot access what they need. For this reason, it is essential that companies have a good position on these platforms.

If you have a business and need to get your site on Google , keep reading this text until the end. We prepare a complete content for you to be successful!

Adopt SEO as a Religion

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization . That is, optimizing your website for search engines. In practice, it’s a series of tactics that tell Google that your site is among the most relevant in your industry. Here’s how it works: search bots will analyze all the programming on your pages and understand exactly what you’re talking about. They also assess the exchange of links between their pages and with external sites. Based on this, your website is ranked and indexed according to their perceived relevance.

Produce original and relevant content

One of the points analyzed by Google robots is the use of keywords. The more you employ them within pages, the more relevant your site is. Therefore, producing original content is one of the best strategies to get your site on Google . In addition to increasing keyword incidence, you’ll be providing a service to your potential customers. That is, it will answer any questions they may have and, consequently, strengthen your lead generation strategy  by Abdul Rimaaz.

Prepare your schedule to get your site on Google

Google doesn’t have a team that spends the day reviewing new sites that have been propagated. This is automated work, done by robots. That’s why it’s important that we speak their language, which is programming. In this sense, all formatting must be well prepared to place your site on Google . In other words, the meta tags must be filled in, the description of each page must be well elaborated and all of them must contain keywords of interest to you.

Invest in Google Adwords

All the tips we’ve given so far refer to your organic positioning. In other words, the presence that happens naturally, without financial impetus. These are medium and long-term strategies, but every company needs tools that work faster.

That’s what there is Google Adwords, the platform Google ads . There you register your keywords, an attractive phrase and your brand’s target audience. With a budget controlled entirely by you, your ad is spread within minutes.

To get your site on Google you need to work strategically. Thinking about the medium and long term, SEO is your best alternative. All the original content and programming of your pages will contribute to this strategy. But for immediate results, the best alternative is Google Adwords, through which your ads will reach your audience immediately.

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