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Sales Techniques: 5 Mistakes Your Business Can’t Make

Selling is an art and as such has specific characteristics that need to be considered. To convince people to buy your product or service, for example, it is essential to employ the right persuasion techniques.

In this process, however, there are several mistakes that are committed, but that hinder the results. The best way to deal with the issue is to recognize the slips in advance and work to prevent them from occurring.

Want to know how to do it? So, know the 5 biggest mistakes in sales techniques and know how to avoid them.

1. Not listening to customers

When the seller doesn’t understand his role correctly, he tries to sell at any cost. In general, there is a lack of understanding of what the consumer expects, wants or is looking for. It even leads to promises that cannot be kept and even lies. Naturally, it creates public dissatisfaction and damages to the image.

One of the failures that has to be avoided, therefore, is not listening to customers. Instead, sellers have to act in an advisory way. By understanding pains, doubts and objections, they act in a very precise way.

2. Applying inappropriate sales techniques

Every customer and every product requires a different approach. A B2B company, for example, will act opposite to that of a B2C. One that is in the fashion business will also act differently from one in food. Specific sales techniques are necessary for each case, therefore.

When they are ignored, problems arise. That’s what happens when you fire mental triggers too soon that burn out opportunities or don’t give enough time for complex sales.

The best way to avoid this is to have a script for common situations and act accordingly to the public and the business. Eventually, the chances of success widen.

3. Failure to identify and resolve objections

In a conversion process, sales objections are very common. However, they are not always identified in the right way or when they should be. As a result, the commercial team does not act properly on the issue.

To avoid the mistake between sales techniques, salespeople have to be aware of what makes a customer hesitate to say “yes”. To take advantage of the advisory role, it is essential to ask what prevents the person from closing a deal at that moment. Only from the answer should solutions be sought, case by case.

4. Offering discounts without the right planning

Speaking of objections, one of the most common is related to price. Especially in complex sales, it’s common for people not to see the full value of the product and feel they will pay more than they should. In such cases, offering a discount helps to convince.

However, if rebates are granted without planning, the effects can be rebound. Instead of increasing attractiveness, the product or service loses added value. Along with it goes profitability.

In order not to make this mistake, it is essential to plan the limit of discounts, when they will be given and how to proceed in each case.

5. Giving up too soon or not knowing when to stop

Most of the time, the sale doesn’t happen the first time and it is necessary to establish a negotiation process. Obstacles are normal, and giving up too soon means missing an almost realized opportunity. On the other hand, pushing too hard can make even the brand inconvenient.

One of the flaws is, precisely, not being able to identify the time to stop and continue. The best way to avoid mistakes is with a lot of training and preparation, so that the service team has the ideal perception.

These failures in applying sales techniques are common but should be avoided. As a result, your business will be able to take better advantage of it and achieve growth!

Check in the comments and let us know if you know of any other mistakes that deserved to be on the list.

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